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ZESAD Announces Vento GT3

In the course of the IAA exhibition in Frankfurt, German engineering house ZESAD is pre-announcing an exciting modified Lamborghini Aventador to the international press. The super car, which will take the name Vento GT3 has undergone extreme modifications, enjoy the following preview and register with us for product updates.

The new ZESAD Vento GT3 will be unveiled to the public shortly. The new Lamborghini race car will presented during a by-invitation-only event, applications are now accepted. The car, which will be based on the production Lamborghini Aventador model, is equipped with a set of aerodynamic components. Most significant among them will be the new powerful aero-hood which accelerates the wind-supply directly to the bull’s engine room, but also the diffusers and wing spoiler will be ground-breaking.

The ZESAD Vento GT3 – Lamborghini Aventador is designed and manufactured to comply with modified FIA regulations, yet will be completely street-legal. The components can be ordered now from ZESAD, to convert regular Aventadors into brachial monsters. The aero-hood, center piece of the new design, completely replaces the existing engine-cover with a solution made of 100% carbon fiber. The lack of glass helps additionally to save an enourmous amount of weight, hence making the car extremely lighter.

All ZESAD Vento GT3 components are developed and engineered in Germany, guaranteeing the highest technological standards. The new diffusers not only ache an aggressive design but also generate additional downthrust which is needed because of the perfomance upgrade:Thanks to an optimised engine-management system and a high-performance exhaust system, both engine power and acceleration are improved. Thanks to 754 PS /555 kW at 8300 rpm, the 12-cylinder speeds from zero to 100 km/h in a breathtaking 2.8 seconds. The top speed of 355 km/h is also higher than with the basic vehicle.

Source: ZESAD

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