NASCAR CUP: Uncensored Danica Patrick Nip Slip

Uncensored Danica Patrick Nip Slip
Danica Patrick Nipple Slip Censored

Uncensored Danica Patrick Nip Slip Photo

View the uncensored Danica Patrick Nip Slip photo below

I’ve never been one to support censorship of any kind. So, here’s the uncensored Danica Patrick nip slip that first appeared on swim daily and has racing fans coast to coast with jaws smacking the floor. This photo is for those of you who want to see what everyone else is whispering about

She better delete that from twitter, Right? No. Instagram? No. Well what happened?

It looks like this was a twitter or social media post gone terribly wrong but that’s not the case at all. It was a photo collage, part of a throwback post on the Sports Illustrated owned website. As of today, the other provocative photos from the photoshoot are still posted but this one in particular has sadly been removed.

Danica Patrick has never been shy on risky photos or GoDaddy commercials and she has every right to take the kinds of photos she wants. I’m sure many NASCAR fans are thankful.

Hate her for it if you choose but from a PR standpoint she must be doing something right. Danica Patrick constantly dominates the NASCAR headlines while running mid pack. Not an easy task for past NASCAR drivers who have since come and gone.

This photo did it’s job, taking a page right out of the Miley Cyrus playbook and installing it on the NASCAR circuit. Both of these females fall into the genius category when it comes to making people angry while at the same time demanding their full attention.

I’d strike this one as a tally in the win column. Maybe it wasn’t on the track and I’m sure Richard Petty would argue that it never would be.

Photo: Swim Daily

Author: Racing News Network ( Shane Walters )


Uncensored Danica Patrick Nip Slip

Uncensored Danica Patrick Nip Slip