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Topiary Joe F1 Plant Sculpture

Topiary Joe Car Sculptures

Topiary Joe real name, Joe Kyte is an artist with an interest in automotive machines. See the F1 sculpture and rolling Porsche below. While he work stretches beyond racing and automobiles he does have many images of cars within the portfolio.

Who is is Topiary Joe you ask? Topiary is the art of creating sculpture in the medium of clipped trees, shrubbery and trained vines. The best examples seen daily are shrubbery cut for the landscape. Those plants with small, pinate leaves and vigorous growth such as boxwood, azalea, ivy or ficus vine tend to work best.

Whatever shrubbery, flowers or vine that you see in the nicest landscapes around you can be trained inside a steel wire sculpture to give you ANY creature or logo you want, just outside your door!  Topiary Joe provides traditional cutting frames for shrubbery of all sizes to shear, yes, but we go way beyond that!  Disney taught me a few things 20 years ago.

Topiary Joe now builds giant steel framed, planted topiary animals, Living Corporate Logos and steel wire 3D sculpture of any size – planted with live plants or replica plants like faux boxwood. We provide this service either building in one of our shops or coming directly to your site to create whatever scale project you envision.

In the photo album below you will find a Slainte from De Barra’s in Clonakilty, Bugatti type 35b in wire. Many sculpture projects he builds he go’s to and build on the job site, world wide. Also below you will find a 1948 Porsche 356 Roadster – Rolling Art that he want’s to see cross the Pebble Beach stage.

Most of the Topiary joe artwork is for sale and he can take on a new project of your choice. Prices for some of his rolling work have gone for $30,000.

Credit: Topiary Joe Website


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