F1: Rules Set To Increase F1 Noise

Rules Set To Increase F1 Noise

F1 Noise Will Turn Up The Volume

The F1 Noise of the new 1.6-litre V6 engines has been under attack wordwide from open wheel fans. During the off season many rules went into effect to promote a more green sport. A move in the right direction however now we have another problem, the cars are too quiet.

The F1 Noise concerns prompted FIA president Jean Todt to meet with the Formula 1 teams in Bahrain where it  looks like they have agreed they would try find a possible solution.

F1 Noise is a very important factor to selling tickets. Your long term F1 fan will not care, they are there to watch the race. However, to a newcomer it’s part of the wow factor to Formula 1 racing.

“It’s something we have been addressing with all the manufacturers involved in F1, to address the thing even with the new regulations,” Todt told Autosport.

“So we must see if we can implement in short, medium, long term, a bigger noise. And that we will do and we will get unanimous agreement.”

Pressed as to a timeframe for this happening, the Frenchman said: “It’s very difficult for me to give you an accurate answer.

“I have been asked to address the problem of the noise. It is a problem which creates some concern.

“I feel that we can apply it with the unanimous agreement of how to apply it, then we will do it.

“After Barcelona there will be two days testing, so hopefully there is something that can be tested.”

We will have to wait and see what kind of changes are set to be made to the machines. In the tech world like F1 it’s certain teams could come up with a fast solution.

Written By: Shane Walters