F12berlinetta Design Wins DI Compasso d’Oro Award

Ferrari F12berlinetta Steering Wheel

Ferrari F12berlinetta Wins Design Award

The Ferrari F12berlinetta has been awarded the Compasso d’Oro Award (Golden Compass). One of the oldest and most prestigious international design accolades. Accepting the award on behalf of Ferrari in the Officine Ansaldo exhibition hall. Accepted in Milan last night was Ferrari’s Senior Vice President of Design, Flavio Manzoni.

In presenting the award, the ADI design jury praised the Ferrari F12berlinetta for its flowing, dynamic forms. They used innovative aerodynamic solutions in a true marriage of technology and aesthetics.

Designed by Ferrari’s Styling Centre in collaboration with Pininfarina. The Ferrari F12berlinetta is the most powerful, high-performance Ferrari road car ever built and epitomises the perfect balance. A balance between maximum aerodynamic efficiency and the elegant proportions typical of Ferrari’s front-engined V12 cars.

This important accolade is not the first for Ferrari. In 2001 Luca di Montezemolo received the Compasso d’Oro for the company’s achievements as an innovative industrial and engineering reality. Ferrari was praised for its incessant technological research and its universally-acclaimed aesthetic excellence. The result of an entrepreneurial culture which puts the requirement of the people who work at the factory, and the working environment in general, at the heart of all developments.

The Ferrari F12berlinetta design strikes the perfect balance between maximum aerodynamic efficiency and the elegant proportions. Typical of Ferrari’s front-engined V12 cars. Its designers and engineers worked in tandem to sculpt its surfaces so that they seamlessly incorporate the car’s many innovative aerodynamic solutions. Subtraction rather than having it bristling with different appendages.

The Ferrari F12berlinetta collaboration offers an innovative system of air flows which make this car absolutely original and unique. A true marriage of technology and aesthetics, an essential requisite for all Prancing Horse cars. In which form and function are inextricably linked.

The Ferrari F12berlinetta has low, sleek coupé lines with powerfully sculpted flanks whose contours curve and dip to channel the air flows from the bonnet.

Source: Ferrari


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