Speed Demon Crash Video 370MPH

Speed Demon Crash Video OnBoard At 370MPH

Speed Demon Crash Video OnBoardSpeed Demon crash video and photos posted below. Driver George Poteet walked away from the 370MPH crash.

The Speed Demon crash video shows the car rolled on its first run during a test and tune session that was supposed to have been the Cook Shootout. Driver George Poteet got out of the vehicle on his own, but was transported to the hospital in Salt Lake for observation. We’ll post more information as it is available.

On the first run on the year on 9/12, Speed Demon got a little sideways and rolled several times near the 3-mile mark on the course. [This run was as part of what was supposed to be Mike Cook’s Shootout, but was changed to a test and tune session with no official times due to standing water at the end of the long course and surface issues near the beginning.]

George walked away from the car and was taken by ambulance to Salt Lake City for observation. The data loggers showed the crash happened near 370 mph and the strength and integrity of the car/frame was simply amazing, given the forces the car saw during the crash. Everyone who participated in designing, fabricating and maintaining the car over the years can be proud of the fact that George walked away with only bumps and bruises.

George was grateful to everyone who has worked on the car over the years. The outpouring of support an concern was truly overwhelming. George is looking forward to bringing Speed Demon back to set new records in 2015.

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Statement From Mike Cook Land Speed Shootout

As of Saturday evening the Speed Demon Crash Videos are approaching 400,000 views in less than 24 hours and they have elicited an enormous tide of good wishes and thanks for George Poteet’s amazing survival. There has also been a surprising amount of Monday morning quarterbacking and the inevitable crew of midnight mouse racers analyzing every detail from their vast desktop data base. To clear the air, here are a few facts.

George Poteet and Ron Main explicitly granted Mike Cook’s Bonneville Shootout exclusive rights to publish the Speed Demon crash video. They believe that every driver should see the Speed Demon crash video to gain a better perspective of what can happen in an instant.

George surveyed the track prior to running and was satisfied with it. George told Mike Cook directly that the crash was caused by overaggressive driving and nothing else. He takes full responsibility. That’s the kind of man he is.

The salt was not soft. It was rock hard for eight solid miles and remained only slightly damp after that. It only became soft beyond the nine mile. Even the best track possible is edgy when you’re smacking it with 2300+ horsepower and just two tires and George knows that.

You can’t reach 370 mph at the 2-3/4 mile on soft salt. We have detailed pictures of George’s tracks including the black skid marks it left before departing the surface. We will post some of them as we get time. Dan Warner and crew measured and documented every inch of the crash path and the debris field.

George Poteet has more 400+ mile per hour passes than almost everyone else combined. He chased the demon hard and it bit him, but that won’t slow him down. That’s the kind of man he is.

The racers all know that Mike Cook and Mike Cook Jr. know how to prepare a course.THEY WOULD NEVER send a car down a course that was unsafe or one that they wouldn’t drive themselves.

Everyone is happy today that George is alright and the reason for that is top notch preparation and response by the team, the course workers and the fire and ambulance guys who never get enough thanks.

The Speed Demon will most likely get rebuilt and placed in George’s museum. And George has got a plan, but he’s just not revealing it yet.

Thanks everyone for the overwhelming response. We appreciate it and George appreciates its.


Speed Demon Crash Photos


Speed Demon 370MPH Crash Video OnBoard

Speed Demon Crash Video Rear View

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