Dale Earnhardt Jr Garage Video

Dale Earnhardt Jr Garage via Nationwide 88

Dale Earnhardt Jr Garage video shared via Nationwide. The video features a behind the scene look into the car collection of Dale Jr. The video was created to highlight the classic car insurance offered by Nationwide.

Take a peek inside Dale Earnhardt Jr’s Garage and some of his street machines. Dale Jr. is certainly a Chevy man both on and off the NASCAR circuit. He says the cars he chooses to collect are ‘drivers cars’. He doesn’t like to collect too many that are too nice to drive. He has a collection of cars that fit the ‘too nice to drive’ category. However, the cars featured in this video are the one’s he liked to drive around town in North Carolina.

The 65 Impala has been in the family since new. I bought from dad around 1995 for $2,000. It’s a driver. Just fixin’ and improving it a bit.

-Dale Earnhardt Jr

View Dale’s light metallic blue 1965 Chevrolet Impala that is stock front to rear, except for the period correct Cragar mag wheels wrapped with Road Hugger Radial G/T tires and Freeman’s custom stereo. Underneath the hood is a Chevy 283 small block and PowerGlide automatic transmission.

The video puts focus on the 1965 Chevy Impala. However, early in the video you’ll see several other cars from the Dale Jr collection.