DIRTcar Summer Nationals Wilmot Speedway Results

DIRTcar Summer Nationals Wilmot Speedway Results – Bobby Pierce Battles Jason Feger

WILMOT, Wis. – June 19, 2016 – Bobby Pierce battled Jason Feger Sunday night at Wilmot Speedway to claim his second DIRTcar Summer Nationals win of the season and the Northern Kickoff payoff.

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Pierce saluted his father, late model veteran and chassis builder, Bob Pierce, in victory lane during the special Father’s Day win.

“He probably works harder than any person in the pit area so it’s really cool to get it for him,” Pierce said. “Was giving me the sticks the whole race too and they were pretty close most of the time so it was pretty nerve-wracking.

Jason Feger started the feature on the pole and paced the field through the opening laps. As he began working his way through traffic, Pierce, the 19-year-old reigning Summer Nationals champion, who started the feature in third, found his opening. Using the high side of the track, Pierce used a narrow gap to battle around Feger.

Pierce held off Feger through the remaining laps as Mike Marlar scored another top-three finish.

The win gave Pierce an extra $2,500 payoff for winning the Northern Kickoff, the first of a new series of regional battles within the Summer Nationals tour.

The DIRTcar Summer Nationals returns to action on Tuesday at Jacksonville Speedway as it kicks off the Heartland Tour.

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DIRTcar Summer Nationals Wilmot Speedway Results

Wilmot, Wisconsin

A-Main: 1. Bobby Pierce (Oakwood, IL) ($5,000), 2. Jason Feger (Bloomington, IL), 3. Mike Marlar (Winfield, TN), 4. Timothy Culp (Sheridan, AR), 5. Bob Gardner (East Peoria, IL), 6. Gordy Gundaker (St Charles, MO), 7. Rodney Melvin (Benton, IL), 8. Chris Carlson (Union Grounds, WI), 9. Don Hammer (Clinton, IL), 10. Taylor Scheffler (Waukesha, WI), 11. Eric Spangler (Lake City, MI), 12. Brent Larson (Lake Elmo, MN), 13. Turke Letizia (Milwaukee, WI), 14. James Letizia (Milwaukee, Wi), 15. Bill Rezutek (Big Bend, WI), 16. Matt Fabrizius (Genoa, IL), 17. Charlie Olson (Kingston, IL), 18. Mike Spatola (Manhattan, IL), 19. Jeff Hartzell (Genoa, IL), 20. Reno Markham (Kingston, IL), 21. Lyle Zanker (Rockford, IL), 22. TJ Markham (Sycamore, IL), 23. Paul Parker (Depere, WI).

Heat 1:
1. 25 Jason Feger
2. 157 Mike Marlar
3. 27 Eric Spangler
4. 8R Bill Rezutek
5. C12 Chris Carlson
6. 20JR Reno Markham
7. B1 Brent Larson
8. D1 Turke Letizia

Heat 2:
1. 11 Gordy Gundaker
2. 89 Mike Spatola
3. 74 Taylor Scheffler
4. 615 Matt Fabrizius
5. 21 TJ Markham
6. 10 Paul Parker
7. 28 Charlie Olson
8. 9 Lyle Zanker

Heat 3:
1. 32 Bobby Pierce
2. 4G Bob Gardner
3. 27 Rodney Melvin
4. C8 Timothy Culp
5. 45 Don Hammer
6. 5 Jeff Hartzell
7. D7 James Letizia

1. 32 Bobby Pierce
2. 25 Jason Feger
3. 157 Mike Marlar
4. C8 Timothy Culp
5. 4G Bob Gardner
6. 11 Gordy Gundaker
7. 27 Rodney Melvin
8. C12 Chris Carlson
9. 45 Don Hammer
10. 74 Taylor Scheffler
11. 27 Eric Spangler
12. B1 Brent Larson
13. D1 Turke Letizia
14. D7 James Letizia
15. 8R Bill Rezutek
16. 615 Matt Fabrizius
17. 28 Charlie Olson
18. 89 Mike Spatola
19. 5 Jeff Hartzell
20. 20JR Reno Markham
21. 9 Lyle Zanker
22. 21 TJ Markham
23. 10 Paul Parker


Photo: Jim Denhamer photo