Dover Results – NASCAR Cup Series – June 4, 2017

Dover International Speedway results from the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series on June 4, 2017

Today, the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series heads to Dover, Delaware. The 1-mile concrete racetrack has a lot of fans surrounding the speedway today, the grandstands are busy.

View full Dover results from the NASCAR Cup Series race today, below. This is a spoiler-free race report.

Stage 1 is 120 laps. Stage 2 is another 120 laps. The final stage will be 160 laps, a total of 400 laps.

Dover International Speedway results from the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series on June 4, 2017
DOVER, DE – JUNE 04: Kyle Busch and Martin Truex Jr. lead the field to start the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series AAA 400 Drive for Autism at Dover International Speedway on June 4, 2017 in Dover, Delaware. (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)

Green flag. Kyle Busch gets the jump on Martin Truex Jr. Slight wheel spin, a bit of rear shake on the #78. Truex falls to the bottom in 1-2. Jimmie Johnson, who started in the back, passed 10 cars in the first 3 laps. Kyle Busch starts to check out on the field.

Caution, lap 17. Ryan Seig has spun. Seig is making his NASCAR Cup Series debut this weekend. Self spin, no damage.

Trouble! Kyle Busch has a ton of damage. We’re still under caution. The crew didn’t get the left-rear wheel attached. The gun was reversed, loosing the lugs instead of tightening them. Kyle Busch lost the wheel in turn 1. The leader rolled around, scrapping the chassis for a full lap to get back to the pits. Lots of left rear sheet metal damage as well.

Lap 40, Truex Jr leads Kurt Busch by nearly 2 full seconds. Ricky Stenhouse Jr, stayed out on the racetrack during the last pit stop, he’s holding position in 3rd. Jimmie Johnson now runs 17th. Kyle Busch runs 25th.

Caution, lap 49. Ricky Stenhouse Jr is in the wall. Blown tire. He was running the high side, on the same tires he ran in Qualifying. Tire failure, after a little over 50 laps in a single set. Yesterday, the NASCAR Xfinity Series had a few tire issues as well.

Green, 68 to go. New leader, Kyle Larson. He took two tires on the last caution. Kurt Busch sweeps around Martin Truex Jr as well. Jimmie Johnson is now inside the top 10. Kyle Busch is back to 15th.

Caution, 59 to go. Ricky Stenhouse Jr is in the wall again. This time, he hits a little harder. Flat tire at the exit of turn 4, he goes directly up the banking, pounds the front straight-away wall.

Green, caution. We have a wreck at the front of the field. Kurt Busch got loose at the bottom, while racing for the lead. He was completely sideways as he chased it up the banking. Upon the correction to the right, Brad Keselowski was there. Kurt Busch slams Keselowski. Big damage to both cars. The lead is an unlucky place to be today.

Kyle Larson and Martin Truex Jr race at Dover International Speedway
Martin Truex Jr bumps Kyle Larson

49 to go, Kyle Larson is back to the lead. He drove around Martin Truex Jr on the outside. They continue to run side-by-side. Truex on the bottom, Larson high. Both cars are loose on entry. Martin Truex Jr radio, “If we wreck, it’s simply going to be his fault.”

Truex Jr then puts the bumper to him, slight contact. Next lap, Truex Jr pushes Larson into the corner. Larson chases the car all the way up the track to the wall. That was great racing. Meanwhile, Jimmie Johnson runs 3rd.

24 to go, flat left rear tire on Kurt Busch. He went into the corner side-by-side with his brother, as soon as the transition started, he was backwards. All this happened as Brad Keselowski talks about his earlier incident with Kurt Busch. Clint Bowyer is also out of the race, he was running in the top 5. He lost an oil cooler fitting, leaking oil on the racetrack.

Green, 15 to go in stage 1. Three wide racing at the bottleneck point of fresh tires and old tires. Serveral drivers stayed out. Martin Truex Jr continues to lead. Harvick is 2nd, Johnson 3rd.

Kyle Larson is making a late stage charge to the front. New tires, he drives by the field on the outside. 4 to go, he sweeps passed Kevin Harvick and Jimmie Johnson in the same lap.

Martin Truex Jr Stage 1 Winner at Dover International Speedway - Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series
DOVER, DE – JUNE 04: Martin Truex Jr wins stage 1 at Dover International Speedway on June 4, 2017 in Dover, Delaware. (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

Stage 1 Results: 1) Martin Truex Jr; 2) Kyle Larson; 3) Kevin Harvick; 4) Matt Kenseth; 5) Jimmie Johnson; 6) Kasey Kahne; 7) Ryan Blaney; 8) Erik Jones; 9) Kyle Busch; 10) Daniel Suarez

Dover stage 1 winner radio, “A lot of cautions. I feel like we’ve used a lot of tires already. We decided to stay out there. Balance is decent.”

Green flag on stage 2, 120 more laps. Top 12 cars didn’t stop. Kyle Larson gets a massive launch over Matt Kenseth. Ryan Blaney up to 2nd in turn 1.

25 laps into stage 2, Martin Truex Jr around Kyle Busch, he’s up to 4th. Truex restarted 12th. Caution. Danica Patrick is around, self spin. Kyle Larson pits from the lead, as does most of the field. Kyle Larson returns to the track as the leader. Damage to Ryan Blaney, check up at pit entry, he got into the back of Matt Kenseth.

Green, Michael McDowell is the lone car to stay out on old tires. Kyle Larson is through. The rest of the field is stacked up behind McDowell, his tires are 24 laps older. He’s doing a decent job of holding his position.

52 to go, Dale Earnhardt Jr is bad loose. He’s running a mix of his own setup along with the setup from Jimmie Johnson. They unloaded with the #48 setup, it’s been modified since. He wants a left rear adjustment on the next stop, Dale Earnhardt Jr runs 18th. Johnson has climbed from the tail to 4th.

Caution, 48 laps to go. Joey Logano has blown a tire.

Green, Kyle Larson is the first to turn 1. He continues to lead. Meanwhile, NASCAR has come to collect used 4 tires from the leaders pit stall. A random inspection.

35 to go, David Ragan is in the wall. Flat tire. He stayed on the track during the last caution to get his lap back. He was running 22nd. No caution, light contact with the wall.

30 to go, Martin Truex Jr has been reeling in Kyle Larson. He’s now all over his back bumper, again. A repeat of stage 1. Kyle Larson is bad loose on entry. Martin Truex Jr to the bottom as Kyle Larson chases the rear end up the track. New leader. Jimmie Johnson sweeps passed Larson as well.

23 to go, caution. Landon Cassill is in the wall. Another flat tire. Kyle Larson is lonely on pit road. He reports, “We’re junk. I don’t know, maybe it’s this set of tires.” He pits from 3rd, re-enters in 19th.

Green, 18 to go. Martin Truex Jr slips passed Jimmie Johnson, he leads into turn 1. Kyle Larson isn’t screwing around, he’s 3 wide picking up spots in the back. Larson up to 8th, in just 2 laps.

11 to go, Landon Cassill is in the wall again. Another flat tire, no caution. Larson runs 6th.

It’s a clean sweep so far. Martin Truex Jr wins stage 1 and now stage 2 at Dover International Raceway.

Martin Truex Jr wins stage 2 at Dover International Speedway
Martin Truex Jr. stage 2 winner at Dover International Speedway (Photo by Matt Hazlett/Getty Images)

Stage 2 Results: 1) Martin Truex Jr; 2) Jimmie Johnson; 3) Matt Kenseth; 4) Kyle Busch; 5) Kyle Larson; 6) Kevin Harvick; 7) Chase Elliott; 8) Ryan Blaney; 9) Erik Jones; 10) Kasey Kahne

Jimmie Johnson radio, “A lot of guys are loose, including myself. It’s been a challenge.”

It was announced this week that Kasey Kahne will lose another sponsor next year. 2018, is the final contract year on his drive for Hendrick Motorsports. He just collected stage points in both stages at Dover, the week Great Clips announces their departure.

Ryan Blaney has entered the garage and returned. Mechanicle failure, the axle shaft has been replaced. He only lost a few laps.

Green flag on the final stage, 160 laps to go. Larson inherits the lead. Martin Truex Jr has new tires, Larson does not. Truex wants the lead, now. These two have history in this race. Woah! Big slide from Martin Truex Jr. He drives hard to the bottom, slides all the way up the track. Sliding inches in-between Kyle Larson and Jimmie Johnson. Truex back to 3rd. Angry radio chatter for Martin Truex Jr, lots of bleeps.

144 to go, now Jimmie Johnson is challenging for the lead. He’s on the back bumper of Larson. They both drift up the track. Truex is there, he looks under Jimmie Johnson. Johnson pinches him a bit on exit, Truex is into the left rear. Johnson slides on exit, holds his position. Truex backs out, Kenseth is under and passes Truex.

Lap 264, caution. Debris. Landon Cassill was in the wall for the third time a few laps previous.

Kyle Larson NASCAR results from Dover International Speedway
Kyle Larson (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)

Green. Larson is the leader into turn 1. Johnson looks low but settles into 2nd. Truex has more issues. He’s out of the gas again, more cars slip passed. He quickly gathers it up, passes them back. Truex holds 3rd.

115 laps to go, Matt Kenseth is on pit road. Flat tires. It gets worse, commitment cone violation.

Ross Chastain is making his NASCAR Cup Series debut. He runs 22nd. He races hard with Cole Whitt, slide job after slide job. Bumping and banging, just ahead of Jimmie Johnson.

94 to go, Jimmie Johnson might be having tire issues. He’s backed it down, Chase Elliott slips passed. Elliott up to 3rd.

83 to go, green flag stops begin. Kasey Kahne is the first to pit road. Jimmie Johnson has fallen to 7th.

73 to go, Martin Truex Jr is on pit road. Larson, Elliott and Ky. Busch follow the leader into the pits. Johnson has yet to pit, he runs 2nd. Jamie McMurray leads. McMurray now pits, Johnson is taking a gamble, he leads.

Jimmie Johnson Cale Yarborough Helmet at Dover International Speedway
DOVER, DE – JUNE 04: A detailed view of the helmet of Jimmie Johnson, driver of the #48 Lowe’s Chevrolet, prior to the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series AAA 400 Drive for Autism at Dover International Speedway on June 4, 2017 in Dover, Delaware. (Photo by Matt Hazlett/Getty Images)

71 to go, caution! Regan Smith has blown a tire, he’s hard into the wall. However, that’s exactly what Jimmie Johnson needed, a caution. The gamble has paid off!

Green, Ty Dillon leads Ryan Newman into turn 1. Johnson, on fresh tires runs 4th. 61 laps to go. Johnson is passed Austin Dillon for 4th.

57 to go, chaos on the back-straight away. Chris Buescher missed his apex. He exits turn two higher than expected, he pushes up the track and into Pual Menard, slams him into the wall. This happens just ahead of Kyle Larson.

50 to go, Johnson is all over Ryan Newman for 2nd. He’s into the rear bumper of Newman. At the same time, Larson is into Johnson.

43 to go, Larson goes all the way to the wall. He was looking high on Johnson already, the 48 got loose. Larson is forced to the wall to find a hole around Johnson. Kyle Busch is on pit road.

40 to go, Larson is looking for the lead. He looks low on Ty Dillon. It’s a fake! He goes high, drives right to the lead.

20 to go, Kyle Larson leads Jimmie Johnson by 1.3 seconds. Ty Dillon holds 3rd. Kyle Larson has fallen off in the previous two stages, will he hang on this time?

10 to go, Larson leads by 2 seconds. Martin Truex Jr is coming, he’s around Newman for 4th. However, he’s going to run out of time.

5 to go, Truex is under Ty Dillon for 3rd. Caution! David Regan blew a tire on corner entry, he’s hard into the wall. Austin Dillon hits pit road. This is exactly what Martin Truex Jr needed! It’s going to get good.

Jimmie Johnson wins at Dover International Speedway
Jimmie Johnson (Photo by Matt Hazlett/Getty Images)

Green-White-Checkered, Larson picks the outside, lots of speedy dry on the track, mostly on the high side. Green flag, Larson spins his tires on the restart. Jimmie Johnson slips passed on the bottom.

They are all sliding off turn 2, Jimmie Johnson and Kyle Larson both nearly escape the wall. Big crash behind them! Ty Dillon is sideways in front of the field. Johnson reached the overtime line, this race is over.

Jimmie Johnson wins at Dover International Speedway! Johnson only led 7 laps today but he led all the right ones. He’s drives from the back to the front. Johnson is now tied for 6th on the all-time wins list in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.

Martin Truex Jr post race interview, “I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count how many times I almost wrecked today.”

View full Dover International Speedway results below.

Author: Shane Walters

Dover Final Laps Video
NASCAR Cup Series
June 4, 2017

Dover International Speedway Results
Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series
June 4, 2017

Jimmie Johnson Wins - Dover NASCAR Results Sheet
DOVER, DE – JUNE 04: Jimmie Johnson, driver of the #48 Lowe’s Chevrolet, takes the checkered and caution flag to win the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series AAA 400 Drive for Autism at Dover International Speedway on June 4, 2017 in Dover, Delaware. (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

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  9. Kevin Harvick
  10. Danica Patrick
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  27. Jefferey Earnhardt
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  30. David Ragan
  31. Clint Bowyer
  32. Ryan Blaney
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  36. Landon Cassill
  37. Kurt Busch
  38. Brad Keselowski
  39. Ricky Stenhouse Jr
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