F1 Champion, Jenson Button Girlfriend, Brittny Ward Topless Promotion

Brittny Ward topless for GirlsonSwim promotional campaign, girlfriend of Jenson Button, former F1 champion

If you scrolled through Instagram today, you might have stopped at Brittny Ward’s post. She’s a former Playboy playmate and the current girlfriend of former Formula One World Championship winning driver Jenson Button. Tongue twister.

The posts are a changing of the time. A welcomed change in the eyes of many.

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Brittny Ward Topless - Jenson Button Girlfriend
Brittny Ward

The topless photo was posted with a brief caption. Stating, “On Wednesdays we hold our pups.”

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Most people use social media to stay connected. That could be to stay connected with family, friends or even former co-workers and acquaintances.

However, other people have a very different use for social media. Promotion.

Brittny Ward posted these photos as part of a promotional campaign. She’s promoting GirlsOnSwim.

“Driven by sophisticated, minimalist design, GirlsOnSwim is a swimwear label founded by Kaya Boucetta and Brittny Ward.”

What’s Brittny’s role within the new company? The website states, “Brittny is a fashion model and a tastemaker who was raised in Northern California where her uniform was often a bikini. She was discovered at the age of 12 where she began a long and exciting modeling career appearing in several magazines, commercials and campaigns.”

How did she get into swimwear? “Her passion for swimwear came from her experiences working with many fashion photographers and brands over the years.”

Kaya Boucetta GirlsonSwim Campaign
GirlsonSwim “Bare Strappy Bikini”

The e-boutique is just that, an online boutique store. As of now, 3 variations of the same product is available for online purchase.

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The transparent strapped bikini titled the “Bare Strappy Bikini” is available in 3 different color. It’s billed as “A bikini that is unique with its clear vinyl straps, it will instantly make legs look longer, and the adjustable chest band will ensure your ideal fit.”

Jenson Button is a retired F1 driver. He never officially announced his retirement. The former F1 champion made a Grand Prix start as recently as two weeks ago.

Jenson Button Monaco Grand Prix 2017 - McLaren Honda

Jenson Button filed in for Fernando Alonso in the biggest F1 race of the season, the Monaco Grand Prix. He finished 18th after several strategic problems throughout the road racing event.

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Fernando Alonso parted from the McLaren-Honda machine, for a single weekend. He went off to try his luck in America. He made his first Indianapolis 500 start in the Verizon Indycar Series. Fernando failed to finish due to a blown motor.

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Here I am writing about it. So the promotional campaign is a mission accomplished. After-all I like minimalism in design, freedom of expression, females and F1. It’s right up my ally from many aspects.

Author: Shane Walters

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Jenson Button’s Girlfriend

GirlsonSwim Campaign
Bare Strappy Bikini


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