Robby Gordon Racing Banned from Australia after Stadium Truck Stunt

Robby Gordon does some ‘doughies’ in Australia – They ban him from racing in the country

Robby Gordon, the former NASCAR driver has been off on unique ventures in recent years. He created the Stadium Super Trucks Series, a road course/motocross type of racing featuring trucks that do jumps.

This week, American Robby Gordon was in Darwin, Australia. There to compete in a race, hosted by the series he owns, Stadium Super Trucks.

Robby Gordon is a racing driver/performer. Enter the current situation: To entertain the crowds and put on a show he elected to do some donuts in one of his show trucks.

Robby Gordon Banned from Australia after Trophy Truck Stunt
Robby Gordon

He asked for permission to do so. Apparently, in the eyes of Australian law, he just asked the wrong person and received the wrong answer of approval.


“We had a truck on display, I asked the two security guards, ‘Hey, you think I could flip a couple of doughies?’ They said, ‘I don’t care’,” Robby Gordon said, as reported by ABC.

According to ABC, local Judge Richard Coats said: “It’s one of the busiest streets in Darwin, I don’t believe the professional driving skills are an excuse.”

Judge Richard claims he told told Robby Gordon directly, “I wish I could take away your professional licence, but unfortunately I don’t have the power to do that” and added he “would have considered sentencing Gordon to jail time for the stunt if he had been in trouble before.”

The judge instead issued a $4,000 fine. Which he paid. Then CAMS stepped onto the scene and finished what the judge could not.

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Stadium Super Trucks Australia
Stadium Super Trucks

The Confederation of Australian Motorsport (CAMS) will indefinitely deny him after applying for a motorsport competition visa to Australia. The denial is based on health and safety grounds.

Robby Gordon was forced to appear in Australian court on Monday June 19, 2017. Upon exiting the courthouse, Gordon described his actions. “I think I did two doughnuts.”

He concluded, “Not to make excuses, but maybe less than five kilometres an hour,” he told reporters.

The incident took place near Hidden Valley Raceway. The track Robby was competing at during the weekend.

Want to make a bet that the Stadium Super Trucks don’t return to Australia in 2018?

The moral of this terrifying story is…

Stay far away from Australia. Cancel your tickets, it’s too risky. They don’t mess around and they don’t like fun things.

Robby Gordon Australia after Trophy Truck Stunt

Crazy stories like this have become a regular occurrence for Australia. Several years ago, actor Johnny Depp brought a pet with him to Australia.

When they found out, they took the pet. Then they intended to lock Depp in jail and keep him in Australia.

They let him off. The only stipulation was he was forced to release a YouTube video basically declaring how “awesome” Australia was. The idea was for them to use it as promotion for their country.

You can watch that awkward video below. In which Johnny Depp struggles to talk positively of Australia, but does so anyway. To avoid being sent to jail. Here in America, we call this blackmail…

I don’t like kangaroo’s anyway. They slither as they walk. A slithering snake like, yet deer looking type of creature. No thanks.

Author: Shane Walters

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