Iowa Xfinity Results – June 24, 2017

Iowa Speedway Results from June 24, 2017 featuring the NASCAR Xfinity Series

No Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series drivers are in the field today. The NASCAR Xfinity Series is in Newton, Iowa as the MENCS is hosting their road course event in California. A rare opportunity for the NXS regulars to shine.

60 laps in stage 1. Another 60 in stage 2. 130 laps in the final stage will complete the 250 lap Xfinity race at Iowa Speedway.

Xfinity regulars, Christopher Bell and Kyle Benjamin will lead the field into turn 1.

NASCAR Xfinity Series results from Iowa
NEWTON, IA – JUNE 24: Christopher Bell, driver of the #20 ToyotaCare Toyota, leads the field past the green flag to start the NASCAR XFINITY Series American Ethanol E15 250 at Iowa Speedway on June 24, 2017 in Newton, Iowa. (Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images)

Green flag. Christopher Bell gets the jump on the outside. Justin Allgaier is 3 wide and in the middle behind them. Ty Majeski is in the wall on lap 1, no caution. The rookie just ran out of room on the exit of turn 4, it’s easy to do here.

Elliott Sadler, the current point leader started at the tail, 38th. We are now on lap 20, he’s up to 13th position.

Lap 25, caution. Dustin Bean is around. He got tight running the bottom, he missed his apex. He drifted up just a little. But there was a car above him. Contact, Bean went around.

Back green, 30 to go in stage 1. Benjamin gets a bad start. Hornish pushes Bell back to the lead. Hornish then dives to the bottom, he slides just across the nose of Benjamin. Move Hornish to 2nd.

10 to go in stage 1. Christopher Bell leads by 1.2 seconds over Hornish Jr.

Christopher Bell wins stage 1 at Iowa Speedway!

Christopher Bell wins stage 1 at Iowa Speedway
Christopher Bell (Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images)

Stage 1 Results: 1. Christopher Bell; 2. Sam Hornish Jr; 3. William Byron; 4. Justin Allgaier; 5. Elliott Sadler; 6. Kyle Benjamin; 7. JJ Yaley; 8. Scott LaGasse Jr; 9. Ryan Reed; 10. Daniel Hemric;

Ty Majeski had major wear on his tires. He might have a camber issue. Kyle Benjamin is penalized on pit road, loose wheel.

Green flag. William Byron and Justin Allgaier carry the outside. Move Hornish back to 3rd.

Lap 19 of stage 2, big trouble! Sam Hornish Jr is backwards against the outside wall. Christopher Bell got loose under Hornish. Bell drifted up the race track just a little. He 8 wheeled Sam. The #22 was sent around. He pancaked the drivers side against the outside wall. Hornish climbs from his car just as Bell is driving by, Hornish lefts his hands high in the air as if to ask, “What happened?”

Sam Hornish Jr interview, “Seams like he just overdrove it into the corner, got loose and got into us. I’ve made my own fair share of mistakes but man I hate being on the other end of it.”

William Byron Iowa Speedway
NEWTON, IA – JUNE 24: William Byron, driver of the #9 AXALTA/WINDSORWindow&Door Chevrolet, leads a pack of cars during the NASCAR XFINITY Series American Ethanol E15 250 at Iowa Speedway on June 24, 2017 in Newton, Iowa. (Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images)

Green. Justin Allgaier makes it work on the bottom! Allgaier to the lead, Byron back to 2nd.

32 to go in stage 2, the battle for the lead is getting intense. Byron has caught Allgaier, he dives to the bottom, new leader William Byron. At the same time Elliott Sadler is around Allgaier for 2nd. Sadler is making the highside work. Allgaier is falling fast.

Christopher is around Elliott. He’s not done. He chases down Byron and sweeps around him as well. Bell wants a clean sweep of the stages.

9 to go, Kyle Benjamin is back up to 14th. He restarted at the tail. Trouble! Just as I was writing about him, Kyle Bejamin is around! He lost it on the highside. Ty Majeski, making his very first NASCAR Xfinity start is caught in it. As Benjamin slides down the track, Majeski had nowhere to go.

Green, 2 to go in stage 2, the top 8 stayed out on the racetrack. Brendan Gaughan has left the pack, on old tires. The field is busy for 3rd on back. New tires meets old tires, they are 3 wide, 3 rows deep. Byron is through to 2nd! Brendan Gaughan gambles and wins stage 2!

Brendan Gaughan wins stage 2 at Iowa Speedway
NEWTON, IA – JUNE 24: Brendan Gaughan (Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images)

Stage 2 Results: 1. Brendan Gaughan; 2. William Byron; 3. Christopher Bell; 4. Elliott Sadler; 5. Jeremy Clements; 6. Ben Kennedy; 7. Ryan Seig; 8. Justin Allgaier; 9. Ryan Reed; 10. Dakoda Armstrong;

Green flag, final stage. Brennan Poole gets a terrible restart. He throws the block of a lifetime on the bottom in turn 1. They stack up behind him. They go three wide to move around him. Meanwhile, Byron leads with pressure from Elliott Sadler and Christopher Bell.

Caution. Ty Mejeski is in the wall.

Green. Bell gets a huge jump. This time it’s Byron to throw the block. Bryon falls all the way to 5th.

89 to go, caution. Spencer Gallagher is all torn up. Dexter Bean is torn up as well. It looked like Spencer lost it on his own, though he might have had a little help on corner entry. He didn’t lose it until the exit of turn 2 though.

Green. 81 to go, this time it’s Justin Allgaier turn to get a horrible restart on the bottom. He falls to 5th. Elliott Sadler up to 2nd.

William Byron Iowa Speedway - 2017 Iowa Xfinity Results
William Byron

65 to go, William Byron and Tyler Reddick and Ben Kennedy are in a mess. Lap after lap they run side by side. Byron is blocking the top. Reddick can’t get it done on the bottom. Reddick finally finds room on the top, he pulls a train with him. Byron loses 3 positions.

40 to go, Christopher Bell leads Elliott Sadler by 1.2 seconds.

36 to go, Elliott Sadler is on pit road. Green flag pit stops have begun. Allgaier follows, then Ben Kennedy. Bell continues to lead.

32 to go, caution! The leader is involved! Wow! Brennan Poole and Ryan Reed get together at the exit of turn 2. The connect, once, twice, three times. Poole is stuck behind him, he pulls out to go around him.

Race leader taken out at Iowa Speedway Video
Race leader, Christopher Bell, taken out by a lapper at Iowa Speedway

The leader was there, upon the move, he clips Bell and the #20 is sent up the race track and into Reed on the back straight. Bell, had nothing to do with any of it, just caught up in someone else’s mess. Bell has a lot of damage but they’ve got him all taped up, it doesn’t look terribly bad but I’m sure he has some suspension damage under that crinkled body.

21 to go, green flag. William Byron gets a great jump on the restart. 4-5 wide for 10th. Brendan Gaughan is in the wall. He swerved to avoid Cole Custer who was bad loose on entry following contact. As Gaughan went a lane higher than he wanted, he got into the marbles. Light contact with the wall, he continues.

Ryan Reed is in the wall. Caution. Blown  left front tire.

Green, 10 lap shootout. William Byron and Ryan Seig lead the field to green. Give it to Byron at the exit on turn 2. Seig immediately jumps to the highside, he’s looking to make something of the leader.

5 to go, Bryan leads by .7 seconds.

Ryan Seig has pressure from Reddick. Reddick dives to the bottom, can’t get it done. The highside is the place to be on exit.

William Byron is going to win at Iowa Speedway! It’s his first career win in the NASCAR Xfinity Series!

William Byron wins at Iowa Speedway - First NASCAR Xfinity Series Win
NEWTON, IA – JUNE 24: William Byron, driver of the #9 AXALTA/WINDSORWindow&Door Chevrolet, takes the checkered flag to win the NASCAR XFINITY Series American Ethanol E15 250 at Iowa Speedway on June 24, 2017 in Newton, Iowa. (Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images)

From victory lane, his first trip to victory lane, “Thank you Mr H (Rick Hendrick) for giving me this opportunity. It’s so cool to run full time in this series. Everything’s come full circle for me. I raced late models for JRM a few years ago. I remember LW telling me he wanted to see me in an Xfinity car.”

On the night, “I think we had a 1st or 2nd place car. We got a little bit loose one run, then go got back on cycle there at the end and was able to take off. Really proud of these guys.”

Full Iowa Xfinity results are posted below.

Author: Shane Walters

Iowa Speedway Xfinity
Video Highlights
June 24, 2017

Iowa Speedway Xfinity Results
June 24, 2017

William Byron Victory Lane
NEWTON, IA – JUNE 24: William Byron, driver of the #9 AXALTA/WINDSORWindow&Door Chevrolet, celebrates in Victory Lane after winning the NASCAR XFINITY Series American Ethanol E15 250 at Iowa Speedway on June 24, 2017 in Newton, Iowa. (Photo by Jeff Curry/Getty Images)

1. William Byron
2. Ryan Sieg
3. Tyler Reddick
4. Ross Chastain
5. Dakoda Armstrong
6. Michael Annett
7. Jeremy Clements
8. Elliott Sadler
9. Justin Allgaier
10. Garrett Smithley
11. Tommy Joe Martins
12. Quin Houff
13. JJ Yaley
14. David Starr
15. Dylan Lupton
16. Christopher Bell
17. BJ McLeod
18. Joey Gase
19. Ryan Reed
20. Ben Kennedy
21. Daniel Hemric
22. Matt Tifft
23. Brandon Jones
24. Cole Custer
25. Blake Koch
26. Brendan Gaughan
27. Brennan Poole
28. Timmy Hill
29. Ray Black II
30. Spencer Gallagher
31. Kyle Benjamin
32. Scott LaGasse Jr
33. Dexter Bean
34. Ty Majeski
35. Mike Harmon
36. Harrison Rhodes
37. Sam Hornish Jr
38. Carl Long
39. Morgan Shepherd
40. Jeff Green


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