Kasey Kahne qualified 3rd, will start in the back at Bristol

Kasey Kahne will start in the back at Bristol Motor Speedway tonight

Unapproved tire change. Kasey Kahne was scheduled to start on the 2nd row, inside. That starting position has been removed.

Following qualifying, a tire went flat on the #5 machine. He ran over something, likely on the way back to pit road after setting his qualifying lap.

At Bristol, there’s 4 good pit stall. The first and last stall on each pit road, on the front and back stretch. The qualifying position comes with the advantage of selecting one of those. Kasey Kahne will get to keep his pit stall.

Kasey Kahne flat tire Bristol Motor Speedway
Kasey Kahne tire prep for tonight’s NASCAR race at Bristol

Keith Rodden is the crew chief of the #5 car driven by Kasey Kahne. He comments to Claire B Lang on Sirius XM NASCAR Radio about the challenges ahead, “It’ll be tough coming from the back.”

Keith Rodden 5-chief
Keith Rodden

He continued, “But we can do it. Our car was great yesterday in race trim. So, really looking forward to racing tonight.”

“We qualified 3rd, that’s way better than we’ve been qualifying lately. We’ll go to Darlington and try to qualify better as well.”

“Anytime leaving pit road. Here, you blend on the apron in 3-4. And when you finish your lap, you do stuff weird. It happens to people from time to time, it just caught us this time.”

“NASCAR was put in a box. Because, guys were spinning out then putting stickers on during the qualifying session. You just can’t have that.”

“I’m sure one day there might be a little bit of a happy medium. You know, running something over, innocently and getting a flat. Is a little bit different than maybe the intent of the rule. But the rule is the rule.”

“Yesterday in practice, Kasey did a great job of running the bottom, the middle and the top. We might need it tonight.”

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