Clearing up some things on Ponderosa Speedway closure

What going on at Ponderosa Speedway?

The track has suddenly closed.

The timing doesn’t make a substantial amount of sense. Closure of the dirt track was announced just a week ahead of the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series event.

It’s highly likely that the LOLMDS show on August 25th, 2017 would have been the tracks biggest race of the year. So, to me, it’s a surprising time to close.

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Clearing up some things on Ponderosa Speedway closure
Ponderosa Speedway

The fans have questions. I do as well. But, track promoter Jaime Stumph has hand selected a few of them. He’s released the following statement with the hope of clearing up some rumors and negative feedback regarding the dirt track closure.

The following statements were provided via the track’s facebook group:

Just want to clarify a couple of things up.

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1) there will be no racing this Friday August 25 the Lucas race is cancelled

2) no I’m not in any kind of trouble

3) I’m I financially broke No more than I was last year when I took it over

4) Richmond raceway is still racing. Yeah it is for sale. No I’m not buying it

5) yes I would sell the track.

6) the track will remained closed until I can figure out a solution

7) yes I am as heartbroken to have to close as many of the fans and drivers are as well

8)I appreciate everyone who has supported the track (fans,drivers, sponsors, and staff).

9) if you don’t have anything positive to say then shut up or you will be removed from the site

10) hopefully I’ll figure out something soon until then go out and support a racetrack near you. Hopefully I’ve cleared up some things for now.


I reached out to the track directly. At this time, the track promoter was not available for questions.


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