Danica Patrick vs Austin Dillon

Danica Patrick has retaliation plans for Austin Dillon

Danica Patrick and Austin Dillon tangled last week at Richmond Raceway. The were fighting for space in at the entry. Danica came down a little, Dillon continued to go straight.

Contact was made. Danica was sent for a loop.

Watch the video of the Danica Patrick spin at Richmond Raceway below.

Danica Patrick now has a plan of retaliation for Austin Dillon. She made that statement today.

Danica Patrick

“Austin Dillon has two very obvious options — one is to move over so I can’t hit him or stay in front of me so I can. One is far more dangerous than the other,” Danica Patrick told ESPN.

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Danica Patrick vs Austin Dillon at Richmond Raceway
Danica Patrick vs Austin Dillon at Richmond Raceway

Austin Dillon responds

Austin Dillon received that message moments ago.

“Well that’s good to know. I’m glad she’s worried about me but I’ll talk to her at some point. I’m sure she’ll be ok,” Austin Dillon told Bob Pockross during NASCAR media day.

“She could have retaliated at Richmond. I pulled right in front of her, to allow to to do it. But, nothing happened.”

“I was ready to get out of the Richmond race. We sucked so bad. I was like man, ‘Take me out, if you want.’ ”

“But, she didn’t do it. I didn’t think she was that mad.”

Things might have changed for Danica Patrick. She’s now out of a ride for 2018. She has literally nothing to lose.

Author: Shane Walters

Danica Patrick vs Austin Dillon
Richmond Raceway
September 2017


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