2017 Race for Hope 74 has an outstanding payout

Mark Martin: “Daytona 500, for the dirt track mod guys”

Mark Martin has a huge dirt race going on a Batesville Motor Speedway. The Race for Hope 74 is paying $20,000 to the winner. But, that’s not the only number that should get your attention.

Saturday night’s 74 lap modified feature is paying deep through the field. The 7th place will head home with $10,000. That’s outstanding!

Bates Motor Speedway is a 3/8 mile clay oval race track in Batesville, Arkansas.

2017 Race for Hope 74 Payout
2017 Race for Hope 74 Payout

Short track racing

‘It is thriving right now,” Mark martin declares on ‘The Morning Drive’ via Sirius XM NASCAR Radio.

Especially dirt track racing

-Mark Martin

“Especially dirt track racing. You know, the grassroots racing. It’s just thriving right now. And it’s so important to build our sport, to build our fans.”

“That’s where I came from. I came from this little racetrack. Right outside of Batesville, that’s how I got started. So many racers have come up through the short track stock car ranks to make it to NASCAR. This is where the dreams all start.”

Batesville Motor Speedway modified race
Batesville Motor Speedway

Race for Hope 74

“We are going to have a blast.” Mark Martin talks about the show at Batesville Motor Speedway this weekend.

“The significance in the title of the race… The Race for Hope 74 is the first race I ever drove in, out here in Batesville Motor Speedway, in 1974.”

“There’s going to be a portion of every ticket sold, go to the foundation. Arlene and I started the foundation, about a year ago. We’ve been doing some really great work for young people in the area.”

“Mooney Starr, the owner of the racetrack and I got together to bring something that would be those guys Daytona 500, for the dirt track mod guys. It’s a huge payoff race. But it pay’s back very differently than most big paying races.”

“We’ll have main events every night out here. Wednesday night, Thursday night and Friday night. The top 5 from those mains automatically lock in to Saturday night’s big show.”

“This is our first annual. We plan on making this thing an annual event and really, really making it big. If you have a chance to get out here, you’ll see some amazing racing, every night.”

“We’ve got about a 100 entries so far. We’re expecting about a 150 cars, this year. Probably building up to 300 cars, next year. We’ve got entries from California, Canada, New York. You know, from all corners of the nation.”

“I’m going to really enjoy spending time with grassroots racers. I want them to know that I was one of them one day. Today, I’m just a fan. I’m going to enjoy watching them race. We’re going to have a good time. Free bar-be-que for all the racers. I wanna try to get them some recognition, for all their hard work and so them some appreciation for supporting our event.”


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