Dale Earnhardt Jr on NASCAR fights: “I’m not afraid to get my ass whooped”

Dale Earnhardt Jr talks 2018, recent on-track contact with Ryan Newman and NASCAR fights

Will Dale Earnhardt Jr go to every race in 2018?

“I think I’ll definitely be going to about 4-5 races leading up to the NBC booth,” Dale Earnhardt Jr explains his plans for 2018 via the Dale Jr Download.

“So, I can be in the industry and understand what’s going on. I think I need to be at a few other events, in-between. But, not every one. I probably won’t go to every single race.”

“I’m really just going to take the lead of my boss, Sam Flood.

Will Dale Jr sit on the pit box of the #88?

“I definitely would be on the pit box if I come to the race. I definitely gunna wanna be around the #88 team.”

Jeff Gordon and Ryan Newman
Jeff Gordon and Ryan Newman trade words after Dover International Speedway (Photo: NBC Sports)

But would you step to Ryan Newman and say, ‘Way to hold ’em up?’

“I won’t be getting in the middle of those conversations,” Dale Earnhardt Jr says with a laugh.

Last week at Dover, Jeff Gordon did this very thing. Gordon was sitting on top of the #24 pit box when he lost the race. Many, are blaming Ryan Newman for not moving out of the way of the leaders.

Jeff Gordon said, ‘Thanks for the help.” Then, Ryan Newman approached him to give confirmation on Gordon’s statement.

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Dale Earnhardt jr and Ryan Newman
Dale Earnhardt Jr at Dover International Speedway (Photo: Nationwide 88)

Dale Earnhardt Jr and Ryan Newman

If you watch Dale Earnhardt jar’s weekly periscope, you might have seen Ryan Newman. Dale Jr films a quick recap as he leaves the racetrack each week. From time to time, you’ll see Ryan Newman hiding in the background. Newman is hitching a ride back to Charlotte.

“Well, we ran into him twice in two weeks,” Dale Earnhardt Jr describes recent on-track incidents with Ryan Newman.

“We hit him at Chicago, almost wrecked him. Then, at New Hampshire we hit him. I saw him at the drivers meeting for Dover. He asked if we were going to hit him that day? I told him, ‘I hope not.’ He’s hard to pass. He’s just really hard to get around.”

Dale Earnhardt Jr on NASCAR fights I'm not afraid to get my ass whooped
Dale Earnhardt Jr at Dover International Speedway (Photo: Nationwide 88)

Dale Earnhardt Jr on NASCAR fights

“He’s never not stood his ground in an altercation like that,” Dale Earnhardt Jr refers to Ryan Newman and Jeff Gordon.

“I’m not afraid to get my ass whooped. So, I’d probably step to him. You can’t, not step to ’em,” Dale Earnhardt Jr describes a fictional situation.

“It’s like being the guy in the bar. You’re in front of everybody and you know this guy’s bigger than you. He has the odds in his favor. But, you’re in front of all your friends. What are you gunna do?”

“So, you gotta be willing to take a ass whoopin’ every once in awhile.”

If Dale Earnhardt Jr gets into a fight… What would he expect his PR rep to say?

“I think that once you’ve made that decision. Like, ‘Alright, I’m going in.’ You wanna be allowed to go. You’ve made that commitment in your head.”

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