Dale Earnhardt Jr is excited to run the Charlotte day race

Charlotte day race scheduled for 1:10 PM start

Originally, the race was scheduled to start at 2PM. Due to pending weather, it’s been bumped even further back into the sunlight. The race will now start at 1:10 PM.

“This is a day race at Charlotte!,” Dale Earnhardt Jr is excited.

“Yes! Good. This is a positive step in the right direction. Charlotte Motor Speedway, if people can remember, has been notoriously bad. Like the races.”

“They’re at night. The tracks got a lot of grip. The cars run the bottom, they get stretched out. It’s boring.”

Dale Earnhardt Jr and Marcus Smith at Charlotte Motor Speedway
Dale Earnhardt Jr and Marcus Smith at Charlotte Motor Speedway

“I’m not taking credit for all this, but I’ve been telling Marcus Smith, the owner of the track, ‘The race should be run during the day when the tracks hot and slick.’ ”

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“I’m excited about this because I think this will provide a better race. I think the fans are going to see one of the better races at Charlotte.”

“You’re gunna see guys not just pinned to the bottom of the racetrack, flying around there at full throttle. You’re going to see guys slidin’ around, lifting, running different grooves, chasing their cars around.”

“That’s going to create passing. And hopefully, a better race. I’m excited about that race on Sunday.”

“I’m glad we’re running it during the day time. The tracks much funner to race on. At night it’s just ‘grip city’ ”

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