Elliott Sadler discusses PJ1 trackbite

Elliott Sadler has an alternative PJ1 viewpoint to his boss, Dale Earnhardt Jr

PJ1, it’s a talking point. Good or bad? Every track, some tracks, no tracks?

Those are the questions. The concerns were highlight last weekend at Charlotte Motor Speedway. On Friday, it was a mess. It was black ice, the sticky stuff, wasn’t sticky. Instead, it sent drivers nose first into the wall. The cars simply wouldn’t turn.

Elliott Sadler

“I am pro PJ1 when they put it down correctly,” Elliott Sadler states to Sirius XM NASCAR Radio.

“They got a system that they’ve used at certain tracks. You look at Bristol, how much better the racing was at Bristol with the PJ1 on it.”

Elliott Sadler on PJ1 Trackbite
Elliott Sadler

“Charlotte applied it a certain way. It didn’t work during Cup practice. Then, they sorta washed it off and reapplied it.”

“As a race car driver, certain tracks, I think need the PJ1. To give the drivers options. So, it’s not just one groove, one lane, following each other around the track. You gotta wait for somebody to make a mistake.”

As a race car driver, you want options.

-Elliott Sadler

“As a race car driver, you want options. You wanna be able to move around and we had that Saturday night in the PJ1. I think some of the guys used to to their advantage on Sunday as well.”

“Some of the tracks we have coming up… You know, I’d like to see Martinsville in the 2nd lane. Where it’s not all just single file around the bottom. You can kinda make it two wide.”

“I think Homestead would be one heck of a race if you put PJ1 around the bottom. Right up against the wall is definitely the preferred groove there.”

Elliott Sadler
Elliott Sadler

Ironically, that’s the exact opposite of what his boss said. Dale Earnhardt Jr: “Hopefully they don’t spray that stuff anymore, the rest of the season. we don’t need that at Martinsville and Texas and crap. Hopefully, we learned a lesson, not to do that the rest of the year.”

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“Some tracks you go to, I just don’t know if you need it, Elliott Sadler continued.

“Like Texas is new asphalt. So, there’s a lot of grip in the asphalt anyway. I think it’s more fun asphalt that’s got some age on it and some and tear on it. As your tires wear down it will give you an option to pass.”

I’m pro PJ1 when it’s applied correctly

-Elliott Sadler

“I’m pro PJ1 when it’s applied correctly. I think the tracks are getting a handle on that now.”


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