Matt Kenseth disqualified at Kansas Speedway

NASCAR playoff driver was disqualified moments ago at Kansas Speedway

There was a huge crash at Kansas Speedway today. A big one, on the 1.5 mile. Erik Jones got loose and some in front of the field down the bac straight-away.

Kenseth, among many other NASCAR playoff contenders were involved. He was put of the crash clock. The crew went to repair damage, they had 5 minutes. Unfortunately, they used 7 crew men to do it.

The rule is 6. Usually, that’s just a penalty, not a disqualification. However, the penalty is magnified to automatic disqualification when you break that rule while under the crash clock.

Matt Kenseth 7 men over the wall at Kansas Speedway

Matt Kenseth on Kansas Speedway crash

“Yeah, I didn’t see the wreck,” Matt Kenseth told Sirius XM NASCAR Radio after exiting the infield care center.

“We pitted there and kinda got off sequence a little bit from the guys we’re racing. We were trying to get up through there.”

“There was a crash that we just didn’t see. I kinda got involved in that wreck.”

Matt Kenseth on disqualification

“You know, I don’t know a lot about it.”

“Honestly, I’ve never heard of disqualifying somebody from a race if you got 1 too many guys over the wall. I don’t really know.”

“I don’t really have a lot of good things to say at the moment. So, I’ll probably try not to say much. Pretty disappointing way to end, can’t even go back on the race track because of an error we made.”

“It couldn’t be any more disappointing. We can’t even go race, we can’t even try, they just tell us we gotta park it.”


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