Denny Hamlin – 2017 NASCAR Victory Lap in Las Vegas (Video)

Denny Hamlin jokes while behind Chase Elliott in Vegas: “He’s in my way again”

Ride along with Denny Hamlin during a lap around Las Vegas, NV.

Every year, the NASCAR Cup Series championship contenders show up for a week in Las Vegas. Several promotional event takes place, leading up to the NASCAR Awards Show, which took place on Thursday.

The video below was filmed by Jeff Gluck. He took a passenger seat ride around the city.

NASCAR Victory Lap
Denny Hamlin

Denny Hamlin bumped Chase Elliott out of the lead at Martinsville back in late October. The bump, under braking, sent Chase Elliott into the wall. Denny Hamlin didn’t win that night, he was later moved himself.

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The next week as Texas, nothing special happened. The two drivers found themselves racing, side by side. What it over?

No. The next week at Phoenix Raceway, Hamlin was pinched into the wall by Chase Elliott. 10 laps later, Denny Hamlin blew a tire, taking him out of the race and out of the Championship 4.

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Earlier in the week, Denny Hamlin was asking about how he races Chase Elliott in the future. “The way we race each other has been set and will be set for a while,” Hamlin responded.

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Both drivers missed the Championship 4. You could easily say they took each other out of that battle. They each finished 5th and 6th in the standings.


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