Devin Moran came up 0.056 seconds short of a win at East Bay

Devin Moran: “It was definitely a lot of fun.”

The lead was on rotation last night at East Bay Raceway Park for the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series event. 7 different lead changes in just a 30 lap race.

Of course, that only counts the official lap leaders. In reality, it was even better then that.

Moran took the lead at the halfway mark. Then, as Moran, Richards and Sheppard went 3 wide for the lead. Soon after, Richards began to fade through the field.

Devin Moran, Josh Richards and Brandon Sheppard battle at East Bay Raceway Park 7782
Devin Moran, Josh Richards and Brandon Sheppard battle at East Bay Raceway Park

Moran was fighting off new pressure from Jonathan Davenport. However, once getting around Davenport, Sheppard located the high groove and set sights on the #9.

As Moran was stuck behind a train of lap cars on the bottom. Sheppard had clear track on the highside. Moran lost the race, on a last corner pass. Sheppard was bouncing of the cushion. The Rocket house car got him at the line, by just 2 feet.

Devin Moran

“It was definitely a lot of fun,” Devin Moran told “I started off in 3rd there and I knew we were pretty good.”

“Josh got around me. Then, we had that caution. I was like, ‘Aw man, we’re in trouble here.’ ”

“I just changed my line up a little bit and we got back by him. We were slicin’ and dicin’ when Brandon got by me. I got back by him. I was like, ‘Man, we could really win this thing.’ ”

Devin Moran and Brandon Sheppard 7814
Devin Moran and Brandon Sheppard pictured with just a few laps to go at East Bay Raceway Park on February 5, 2018

“Lapped traffic just kinda got in our way. Those last couple laps, they were starting to hold me up quite a bit.”

“I should have slowed the pace down. It’s just an experience deal.”

“If we wouldn’t have caught the lapped cars quite as quick — If we did that, maybe it would have worked out in my favor.”

“When you’ve got Brandon and Josh right behind you, you’re not going to try to slow down. You gotta go and if not their going to be getting by you.”

“Just one of them deals where we were really good but just two foot short.”

The official margin of victory at the line was 0.056 seconds.

Devin Moran is scheduled to run East Bay Raceway Park on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. On Thursday, he hits the road from Florida to Geaorgia. On Friday, Screven Motor Speedway hosts the WoOLMS season opener.


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