Josh Richards drove from the back to the front, in a backup car

Randall Edwards and the Best Performance Motorsports crew put Richards on the track with just seconds to spare

While running 2nd in the 3rd heat race, Josh Richards went up in smoke in his primary car. The crew unloaded the backup and prepared it quickly for the B Main.

They pulled out the B Main and ran into an issue. They had a hole in the power steering line. Josh would be starting last in the main event with a champions provisional.

In the main event, the 4 wide salute had just concluded. They were double-file, the lights were out they were going green. Only Josh Richards, who won the night previous was not in the field.

It looked like he was going to be a scratch. But, he wasn’t, at the last second, Richards joined the field.

The #1 car then drove from last, to first. He claimed back-to-back wins at Golden Isles Speedway, sweeping both Friday and Saturday night features.

Josh Richards Orange Spoiler LOLMDS 2017 6463
Randall Edwards installs the orange spoiler on the machine of Josh Richards during the 2017 LOLMDS season

You won in the backup car. But, how much time did you have to put that together?

“We went out for the B [Main],” crew chief Randall Edwards told “We ended up having a hole in our power steering line, in the backup car.”

“We had to get some other stuff on it. It was probably 10-15 minutes.”

I was thinking that it probably wasn’t a backup car at all? Maybe that was the East Bay car?


Oh, I was thinking you guys somehow swapped the entire setup in 15 minutes.

“Well, we took the shocks off our primary car and put them on our backup car. Shocks and springs.”

Still amazing, regardless.

“It all worked out. Brandon [Sheppard], Mark [Richards] and Danny [White] came and helped. I mean, if it wasn’t for them, we probably wouldn’t have gotten out there.”

Brandon Sheppard went on to take the win by less than a tenth of a second last night at East Bay Raceway Park. Josh Richard led early but faded through the the field late in the event.


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