Several NASCAR drivers will sponsor DiBenedetto in Phoenix

Denny Hamlin’s face could be featured on Matt DiBenedetto’s #32 machine at ISM Raceway – An idea offered by DiBenedetto

In 2009, Matt DiBenedetto won 2 NASCAR K&N Pro Series East races, in 7 starts. Soon after, he found a seat in the NASCAR Xfinity Series.

In 2015, he made his MENCS debut with BK Racing. However, for the previous two seasons the driver has found a home with Go Fas Racing. In 2017, the team merged with Go Green Racing and Archie St. Hilaire became the majority team owner.

Go Fas Racing is still a small team. To get better, you need funds. Matt DiBenedetto’s #32 would have been lacking sponsorship at this weekend’s event in Phoenix, Arizona.

However, a few of his fellow competitors have chipped in to help him continue racing and to help the team continue to grow.

“We hate doing this, but we are UNSPONSORED as of right now for  ISM Raceway this weekend! If you or anyone you know has the ability to help us connect with a business interested in coming on board this weekend please contact the GoFas Racing page ASAP!” DiBenedetto stated via twitter.

If you can help with an introduction to a sponsor that comes on board (big or small, anything helps!) we will obviously hook you up with pit passes! We’re a small team so every dollar helps and goes a long way! Thank you for all of your help fans!”

It didn’t take lone. Quickly, his fellow competitors and members of the NASCAR industry began chipping into to keep him on the track!

NASCAR drivers chip in

Denny Hamlin: “Hell I’m in for 5k. Where do i send the check?”

Matt DiBenedetto: “We can run your face or the Denny Hamlin Foundation on our car or whatever you would like.”

Denny Hamlin: “Very good driver here that deserves being on the track. Any company would be represented well on his car.”

Darrell Waltrip: “Boogity Brands is in for $5,000 where do I send the check!!!”

DiBenedetto: “I could about tear up right now at the overwhelming amount of support! Thank you so much DW. We will count you in as well. I will message you”

Kevin Harvick: “KHI Management is in for $5,000! Good luck!”

DiBenedetto: “Unbelievable. Thank you! We are overwhelmed.”

Matt DiBenedetto
Matt DiBenedetto (Photo: Action Sports Photography)

Matt DiBenedetto: Update

“This is a crazy day. Just so everyone knows, my job at Go Fas Racing is totally stable. Our organization is completely stable. But, we’re very small and we operated off of a very small budget.”

“We just want to get better and having these unsponsored races, is hard. This could turn into some leads that we need to help fill our gaps. Cause we got a handful of open races. This could be what we needed, through all of you guys, man.”

“Every little bit goes a long way here. Thank you, is not near enough. It’s just a group of us who are dedicated to getting better. We wanna grow and we want to be a bigger part of the Ford family and organization.”

“We just want to get better. So, that’s why we’re trying so hard.”


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