Inspection issues for the NASCAR Xfinity Series at Texas Motor Speedway

Elton Sawyer: “We’re as disappointed as our fans are.”

With 6 minutes remaining, 9 cars had turned a lap in NASCAR Xfinity Series qualifying. Part of that was likely due to weather and teams waiting it out.

However, another piece of the puzzel was more inspection issues. There was a line of cars at the ‘Room of Doom’ ahead of qualifying.

Is it the same problem for everyone or different inspection issues?

“No. It’s across all disciplines,” vice president of officiating and technical inspection Elton Sawyer states to Fs1. “It’s chassis, it’s wheel alignment, it’s body.”

“You know, the teams have a role in this as well. We expect them to show up with their cars in compliance with the rulebook.”

“We gave everybody the opportunity to get through once in about 2 1/2 hours, which is a good number. We had consecutive failures.”

“We’re as disappointed as our fans are.”

Only 34 cars of 42 made it to the track. Elliott Sadler, Kevin Harvick, Daniel Hemric, Matt Mills, Bayley Currey, Kaz Grala, Matt Tifft and Josh Williams are failed to make it to the track for NASCAR Xfinity Series qualifying at Texas Motor Speedway


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