NASCAR is working to remove malfunctions from the standardized air guns

They’re collecting pit gun data in an attempt to make air gun improvements

Kevin Harvick and Ryan Blaney suffered loose wheels during the NASCAR Cup Series race at Texas Motor Speedway. Stewart-Haas Racing is under the impression that these are gun related errors.

Kevin Harvick was forced to a green flag pit stop and rebounded for a 2nd place run. In the media center, Harvick spent the bulk of his 3-minute appearance discussing issues with the pit guns.

But, NASCAR says they’re working on it…

“There’s a course of action each and every week. As far as trying to have constant improvement with the pit guns,” NASCAR Senior vice-president of competition,  Steve Miller stated to Sirius XM NASCAR Radio.

“It’s not like we’re just collecting data and sitting on our hands. We’re actively working with Paoli to try and rectify whatever problems they may have.”

“Until we actually inspect the guns in question and figure out if there was something going on or not — It’s hard for us to make a lot of comment on particular instances because we haven’t looked at the parts and pieces yet.”

“This isn’t the first time that there’s been a loose wheel on a car. Everybody is always quick to blame the gun. Not saying that it may not have been a gun problem. But, we have to look at everything before we can just flat out say that we had a gun problem.”

“The program has had a few more hitches in it than obviously we wished. But, we’re making progress with it. We’ll continue to evaluate and continue to get better every week.”

“As with anything in motorsports — Everything in motorsports is a development process. This is no different. It’s unfortunate that some cars have had some problems but development is what it is.”

“A few problems is not good. No problems is obviously what we’re striving for. We’ll continue to try and eliminate those.”

These new guns are mandated by NASCAR. Apparently, that’s still not known to everyone. Including a reporter who asked Harvick why Stewart-Haas Racing didn’t didn’t change guns.

If you need a laugh for the day, Harvick addressed that reporter. “NASCAR hands out the guns. Maybe you should learn the rules,” Harvick responded in the middle of his passionate speech against the guns.


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