Harvick says Stewart-Haas Racing still hasn’t reached their full potential

Kevin Harvick: “We have the most stable team in the garage.”

Recently, Clint Bowyer discussed the stability of Stewart-Haas Racing. Clint says the team is filled by members that wanted to be there. Members that joined the team when it first started, to work with Tony Stewart.

Harvick mirrors those thoughts. He also relates that stability to co-owner Gene Haas.

In addition, Harvick details their 1.5-mile program. It’s not a new-found speed…

“I think as you look at the mile and a half program, it’s been really good for us,” Harvick opened up the discussion.

“I think the thing that you guys forget is, up until last year, we had dominated the mile and a half race tracks. We continued to do that at the end of last year and the first part of this year.”

“We did switch manufactures last year. So, it did take us a little bit of time to get everything situated and back to where it needed to be. Once the playoffs started last year, you really saw where the cars were.”

“What Stewart-Haas Racing has done with Ford, we still haven’t reached the potential of where we can be. I think that’s the biggest reason we made the switch. The potential with the resources and the things that come with the partnership with Ford.”

Kevin Harvick has won 3 of the 7 races so far in 2018. Last week, he finished 2nd after battling back from a loose wheel and being a lap down in the race.

“We have the most stable team in the garage. From a financial standpoint, from a manufactures standpoint — That attracts good people. In the end, it’s all about good people.”

“We have a very committed manufacture and ownership group. We’re just the drivers lucky enough to be in the position. We have a very solid foundation which in this day-n-age, is something to hang your hat on.”

“You look at the sponsorship and the things that go with the commitment that Gene makes from a financial standpoint. The stability of the company is never in question because of a few races that aren’t sold here and there.”

“That makes a big different because people on the outside see that. When people see that they can work somewhere for a long time and don’t have to worry about their job, that makes a difference when you’re trying to hire people.”

Do you feel like you’re better than Truex on the mile and a half’s?

“Aw, we’re better than Truex.”

Today, the NASCAR race continues at Bristol Motor Speedway. Kevin Harvick has an average finish of 14th after 26 starts. He started the race from the tail after moving to a backup car. After just 204 laps, Harvick is up to 9th.


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