Bobby Dale Earnhardt teams with Honor Flight

Bobby Dale Earnhardt: “I’m proud of the Earnhardt name. I’m working to move up the racing ladder like every other driver.”

N. CAROLINA: Earnhardt-Shearer Racing (ESR) has announced that Bobby Dale Earnhardt will team with Honor Flight to help promote the organizations core mission as well as to promote veteran needs and support current troops. The two parties will work together to move the message forward about the important work Honor Flight does.

The Honor Flight Network is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which works as an umbrella organization for many local chapters and various subgroups across the United States. The goal is to help veterans visit the memorial dedicated to them in Washington, D.C.

Earnhardt, son of Kerry Earnhardt and grandson of the late Dale Earnhardt Sr., said he was excited to help promote the national organization in his racing efforts.

“Honor Flight is a great organization with a fantastic mission,” Earnhardt said. “They do such an amazing thing for our countries veterans. I’m more than proud to be associated with them in this small way.”

ESR will dedicate space on their cars, or trucks, in every series and race they are entered in for Honor Flight graphics. Also, Earnhardt will help promote Honor Flight during race weekends and help get his sponsors on board the messaging effort as well.

Bobby Dale Earnhardt
Bobby Dale Earnhardt

To date, Earnhardt has competed in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, the ARCA Racing Series, The ARCA Truck Series and more. His growing resume includes being one of the most popular drivers when he appears at a track. He was the 2013 ARCA Truck Series rookie of the year.

Bobby admits freely that the Earnhardt name, and being the nephew of Dale Earnhardt Jr. and brother of driver Jeffrey Earnhardt, carries some clout. Earnhardt plans on using that “clout” as a means of helping in his association with Honor Flight.

“I’m proud of the Earnhardt name. I’m working to move up the racing ladder like every other driver,” Earnhardt said. “Yes, the last name always draws a crowd … It definitely puts pressure on me when racing, but at the same time it gives me something to strive for. I think that it will be a definite plus in my ability to work with Honor Flight in building awareness.”

“I’m working to raise the money on my own and start in the development series,” said Earnhardt in a previous release. “I’m no different than anyone else.”

The Honor Flight Network was cofounded by Earl Morse, the son of a Korean and Vietnam War veteran, and Jeff Miller, a small business owner and son of a WWII veteran. As of the end of the 2017 flying season, the Honor Flight Network has escorted over 200,000 WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam War era veterans to their memorials in Washington, D.C.

Bobby Dale Earnhardt is currently piloting the #33 on the ARCA Truck Series tour.


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