Why didn’t we see pack racing in the trucks at Kansas like we did in Vegas?

The NASCAR Truck Series field was pack racing when they went to Las Vegas – Why didn’t the same thing happen at Kansas Speedway?

Kyle Busch explains the drastic differences between the truck races at the 1.5-mile tracks

Las Vegas Motor Speedway hosted arguably the best NASCAR Truck Series race of the season. Honestly, I completely dread having to watch the 1.5-mile races, all of them. But, that particular 1.5-mile show was badass. It’s was thrilling, from start to finish.

In summery, the cars were essentially pack racing. Minus the restrictor plates, it was like Daytona in Las Vegas.

Kansas is another 1.5-mile track. Why wasn’t it the same story for the trucks at Kansas? What makes the shows different? Kyle Busch explains…

Why wasn’t Kansas like Vegas?

“I never ran one lap in the race wide open,” Kyle Busch explained after running 2nd.

“At Vegas, you could pretty much run the whole run, wide open. Certainly in the beginning of the run, anybody at Vegas could run wide open.”

“It just seemed like there were guys closer together. The more you could run wide open and you rely on the draft to suck up down the straight-away to keep connected to the group, that happens.”

“But, any time guys are getting out of the gas then they’re just losing time to the guys that can stay in the gas. It created more separation here.”

Grant Enfinger, Kyle Busch and Brett Moffitt at Kansas Speedway
KANSAS CITY, KS – MAY 11: Grant Enfinger, driver of the #98 Protect The Harvest/Curb Records Ford, leads Kyle Busch, driver of the #4 Cessna Toyota, and Brett Moffitt, driver of the #16 Concrete Supply Toyota, during the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series 37 Kind Days 250 at Kansas Speedway on May 11, 2018 in Kansas City, Kansas. (Photo by Sarah Crabill/Getty Images)

What will Charlotte be like?

“I think it will be a little bit in-between the two.”

“I mean, you can’t race side-by-side as much as we’d like to. Cause the trucks just get so loose when you’re on the inside of somebody else. The side by side thing’s kinda tough. Charlotte will be more like Kansas, especially with the bumps. Now that the bumps are as bad as they are,” Kyle Busch concludes.

“I think it will be worse than here [at Kansas]. It will be a little more spread out. Rudy Fugle adds.

“Hopefully, I’m leading,” Kyle Busch jumps in.

“Yeah. The guys with experience around Charlotte usually put it to ’em,” Fugle explains.


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