Billy Moyer Jr is scheduled to return to racing following month long hiatus

A month ago, Billy Moyer Jr won a WoOLMS show; Hasn’t raced since; It’s back on in Wheatland!

At the start of the 2018 racing season, Billy Moyer Jr had a plan to the run the full World of Outlaws Late Model Series tour. In late March, he welcomed his baby girl into the world.

On April 21, Billy Moyer Jr went to victory lane on the WoOLMS tour. That win came at WhyNot Motorsports Park. That was also his first WoO win of the season and his third of all-time.

After that win, Moyer Jr went home to his family. He hasn’t raced since.

Moyer Jr was scheduled to return this weekend at Lucas Oil Speedway for the Show-Me 100. On May 17th, he canceled those plans.

However, on Sunday (three days after canceling), he announced that those plans are back on! Billy Moyer Jr is set to head to Wheatland, MO.

Of course, given the situation, that could change without notice.

Billy Moyer Jr at East Bay Raceway Park 9949
Billy Moyer Jr at East Bay Raceway Park

Billy Moyer Jr update:

“They have finally found out what is wrong with our baby girl & have her started on the right medicine. We were extremely lucky to have this specific doctor last week & she worked so hard to find the problem.”

“Hallie will get to go home when she is on full bottle feed. She is acting and looking great right now! Thank each and every one of you who called, text, messaged, tweet etc! My beautiful wife and our families greatly appreciated all the support and respecting our time away from the race track!”

“We will be at Wheatland this weekend and racing on a week to week basis. I will not be committed to any sort of schedule for the rest of the year so if I need to be home I can get there ASAP.”

“Thank you all again and I look forward to seeing all of you at the races!”


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