2018 Eldora Speedway Results: June 8, 2018

Round two of the Dirt Late Model Dream results from Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, Ohio

Now, it’s the second portion of the Dirt Late Model Dream. They already ran an entire makeup event this afternoon. As the lights come on, they’ll set up round 2 at Eldora Speedway.

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Just as the show was set to begin around 7PM, the rain fell once again. It’s now 9:49pm, the rain has stopped, there’s ponds on the infield and the very first piece of equipment has entered the track. Track work is set to begin to prep the track for a very late night and early morning program at Eldora Speedway.

10:40PM, hot laps have begun. We’re ready to go racing! It’s going to a bad fast night.

Hot laps have been completed. Scott Bloomquist’s machine is still under cover as qualifying begins. He didn’t turn a lap in hot laps. The crew is working on loading up the car!

Scott Bloomquist slipped on a slick ladder. He fell and has a possible left rotator cuff injury Bloomquist went to the E.R and he’s still there. He’s hoping to be able to race tomorrow.

Kent Robinson takes the pole at Eldora.

Heat 1 – Report

It’s midnight on the dot. Dale McDowell and Don O’Neal set the front row in the first heat race of the night.

Green, Davenport dives to the bottom, he takes them 3 wide into turn 1. Don O’Neal moves right as Davenport slides up the hill, not clear. O’Neal makes contact with McDowell as he moves up the hill to avoid Davenpirt. McDowell is around. Kent Robinson gets collected as he comes into the scene with nowhere to go. Robinson is off on the hook.

Green, McDowell lost it on the high side of the race track, caution. Green, Davenport makes it 3 wide on the bottom again. Don O’Neal holds him off. Chris Simpson is around in turn 4. Buckingham slid across his nose.

Green, Don O’Neal leads off turn 2. Davenport is right in his tire tracks.

3 to go, Davenport looks low on Don O’Neal. They run side by side for the lead, caution. Car around down the front stretch.

Green, Don O’Neal gets the jump. Davenport drives it deep into the corner, he launches off a bump and O’Neal pulls a 2 car length gap. Don O’Neal wins the first heat race of the night.

Heat 2 – Report

Ricky Weiss and Josh Richards lead them to the start. Mars cuts it to the bottom, he looks to make it 3 wide. Josh Richards is on the gas around the top, he wins the race off turn 2. Back in turn 1, Richards hits a bump and Weiss closes. Weiss pulls to the inside he completes the pass on the bottom.

Ricky Weiss drives off to win heat race number two.

Ricky Weiss at Eldora Speedway
Ricky Weiss at Eldora Speedway

Heat 3 – Report

Jon Henry and Jason Jameson set row one in heat race number three. Jon Henry wins the battle into turn 1 from the outside.

4 to go, Jameson is running down Henry and Pearson Jr is running down them both. Pearson cuts it to the bottom for 2nd, the backend steps out sideways and Pearson loses a few car lengths. Pearson slides him on the final corner to take 2nd away!

Jon Henry holds them off to win heat race number three.

Heat 4 – Report

Shane Clanton and Steven Roberts lead them into turn 1. Clantons powers by on the highside. Car around in turn 4.

Green, Shane Clanton and Hudson O’Neal check out on the field. Caution. Green, Hudson O’Neal has a really slow restart. Ferree has climbed from last to 2nd.

Shane Clanton wins heat race number 4.

Heat 5 – Report

Ryan King and Jason Feger lead the field to the line in heat five. Green, King noses ahead into turn 1. Feger is on the gas around the top. He makes up two car lengths and pulls alongside off turn 2. Feger takes the lead.

Feger cruises to the win in heat race number five.

Heat 6 – Report

Jared Landers and Bobby Pierce trail the pace truck in heat 6. Green, Gilpin has a look to make it 3 wide into turn 1. Landers carries the middle. Pierce is on the gas around the top, he powers to the lead from the outside off turn 2. Slow car on track, caution.

Green, Pierce leads by a car length into turn 1. Landers gives him a run on the bottom, the top wins again.

Pierce wins heat race number six.

Heat 7 – Report

Illinois drivers Frank Heckenast Jr and Dennis Erb Jr set row one in heat 7. Heckenast gets the power down on the top. Shannon Babb tags the wall in turn 1, he loses 3-4 positions.

At the front, Erb Jr is all over the back bumper of Heckenast Jr. 3 to go, they rub doors and fight for space off turn 4. Heckenast opens up a gap, he wins heat race number seven.

Frank Heckenast Jr wins at Eldora Speedway
Frank Heckenast Jr wins at Eldora Speedway

Heat 8 – Report

Gregg Satterlee and Chas Junghans set the front row in the final heat of the night. Green, they’re 5 wide at the back. Pinball in the middle of the pack, Michael Page is around. Boggs was called for a jump start, he’ll go to the tail. He started in the 2nd to last row.

Green, they wreck before the start finish line once more. Hill jumped sideways in front of the field. Boggs and Vic Hill take it to the pit area. Hill is back out. Green, Satterlee wins the race on the bottom in turn 1. Junghans nearly reached to his right rear at the exit of turn 2 but he couldn’t get there.

Satterlee drives off to win the final heat race of the night.

B Main 1 – Report

Austin Smith and Joey Moriarty lead them to the green in the first B Main of the night. Green, Smith gets a slow jump. Babb splits the front row into turn 1. Babb slides up and takes the high lane away from Moriarty. Babb leads out of turn 2. Caution, slow car.

Green, Babb checks out as they run 3 wide for 2nd. Track champion Kent Robinson started 17th, he’s up to 5th. They’re only taking the top 4.

2 to go, Rowan has a flat and the caution is out. Babb’s lead is gone and Robinson has a chance. I spoke too soon, Robinson is up in smoke under yellow.

Green, Babb checks out once more. He wins the first B Main of the night.

B Main 2 – Report

Jimmy Owens leads into turn 1. He’s gone.

Sheppard takes the final transfer spot on the final lap. Owens cruises to the win.

Main Event 1 – Report

Jonathan Davenport and Don O’Neal trail the pace truck ahead of the first 25-lap main event of the night. Green, O’Neal wins the race off turn 2 from the high side of the track. Davenport cuts to the bottom in turn 3, O’Neal holds him off.

20 to go, O’Neal and Davenport are both glued to the wall all the way around the speedway. O’Neal led by 10 car lengths early. Davenport has cut it down to just two. The caution is out for Jon Henry, he was running 5th.

Green, Don O’Neal opens a gap in turn 1. Caution, Henry is slow again. Green, O’Neal gets the jump again. Earl Pearson Jr is on the gas at the top, he gets to the right rear. Davenport takes 2nd back in turn 3.

13 to go, Don O’Neal is in the wall off turn 2. Davenport takes the lead on the bottom in turn 3. They cross off turn 4. They cross again. They cross again, again, again. Amazing race! Don O’Neal slides across the nose of Davenport. Don O’Neal has hooked himself into the outside wall. They both continue rolling but all the momentum is gone.

Pearson is still on the gan he takes it to the bottom, Pearson to the lead! Davenport crosses Pearson. Pearson crossed him back! Dale McDowell has climbed from 17th to 3rd!

Earl Pearson Jr wins the first main event of the night!

“I’m sure the fans just seen one hell of a race right there,” Earl Pearson Jr says after the win.

Main Event 2 – Report

It’s now 2:05 AM, Chris Madden and Ricky Weiss lead them to the green flag in the final race of the night. The 25 lap main event pays another $10,000 to the winner. Green, Madden leads into turn 1. They’re 4 wide for 3rd on back. Pierce takes over 3rd.

Lap 5, Madden leads by 2 full seconds over Weiss.

10 to go, Madden leads by 4 seconds. Weiss is under fire from Clanton. Clanton takes the position as Madden works lap traffic.

Chris Madden wins the second feature at Eldora Speedway!

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1. Jimmy Owens (15.232); 2. Earl Pearson Jr (15.251); 3. Kyle Bronson (15.263); 4. Shannon Babb; 5. Josh Richards; 6. Kent Robinson; 7. Hudson O’Neal; 8. Jonathan Davenport; 9. Steve Casebolt; 10. Freddie Carpenter; 11. Ryan King; 12. Alex Ferree; 13. Austin Smith; 14. Dale McDowell; 15. Shane Clanton; 16. Bobby Pierce; 17. Steven Roberts; 18. Jason Jameson; 19. Joey Moriarty; 20. Shanon Buckingham; 21. Jon Henry; 22. Don O’Neal; 23. Michael Chilton; 24. Timmy Culp; 25. Frank Heckenast Jr; 26. Michael Page; 27. Chase Junghans; 28. Jimmy Mars; 29. Chris Madden; 30. Billy Moyer Jr; 31. Billy Moyer; 32. Jonahtan Rowan; 33. Chris Simpson; 34. Vic Hill; 35. Tyler Bruening; 36. Jason Feger; 37. Rod Conley; 38. Brent Larson; 39. Jared Landers; 40. Nick Latham; 41. Ricky Weiss; 42. Andy Haus; 43. Casey Noonan; 44. Aaron Ridley; 45. Devin Moran; 46. Devin Gilpin; 47. Paul Stubber; 48. Mike Marlar; 49. Tim McCreadie; 50. Tim Manville; 51. Bryant Dickinson; 52. Gregg Satterlee; 53. Jerry Bowersock; 54. Brandon Sheppard; 55. Jeep VanWormer; 56. Kody Evans; 57. Blake Spencer; 58. Darrell Lanigan; 59. Jesse James Lay; 60. Ryan Fenech; 61. Duane Chamberlain; 62. Shad Badder; 63. Rob Anderzack; 64. Jeff Roth; 65. Nick Hoffman; 66. Matt Miller; 67. Dustin Nobbe; 68. Mason Zeigler; 69. Ben Nicastri; 70. Joe Godsey; 71. Colton Flinner; 72. Dennis Erb Jr; 73. Jackie Boggs; 74. Ernie Cordier;


1. Kent Robinson (15.265); 2. Jimmy Owens (15.432); 3. Earl Pearson Jr (15.475); 4. Dustin Nobbe; 5. Kyle Bronson; 6. Chris Madden; 7. Jonathan Davenport; 8. Jimmy Mars; 9. Jason Jameson; 10. Hudson O’Neal; 11. Freddie Carpenter; 12. Hudson O’Neal; 13. Freddie Carpenter; 14. Devin Gilpin; 15. Kody Evans; 16. Michael Page; 17. Dale McDowell; 18. Josh Richards; 19. Tim McCreadie; 20. Shane Clanton; 21. Jason Feger; 22. Bobby Pierce; 23. Frank Heckenast Jr; 24. Chase Junghans; 25. Don O’Neal; 26. Ricky Weiss; 27. Jon Henry; 28. Steven Roberts; 29. Ryan King; 30. Jared Landers; 31. Dennis Erb Jr; 32. Gregg Satterlee; 33. Austin Smith; 34. Brent Larson; 35. Tim Manville; 36. Steve Casebolt; 37. Jonathan Rowan; 38. Andy Haus; 39. Adam Bowman; 40. Vic Hill; 41. Chris Simpson; 42. Brandon Sheppard; 43. Aaron Ridley; 44. Rod Conley; 45. Billy Moyer; 46. Devin Moran; 47. Billy Moyer Jr; 48. Jesse James Lay; 49. Shanon Buckingham; 50. Matt Miller; 51. –; 52. Ryan Fenech; 53. Duane Chamberlain; 54. Jeep VanWormer; 55. Nick Hoffman; 56. Tyler Bruening; 57. Shad Badder; 58. Joe Godsey; 59. Casey Noonan; 60. Alex Ferree; 61. Nick Latham; 62. Blake Spencer; 63. Michael Chilton; 64. Darrell Lanigan; 65. Rob Anderzack; 66. Timmy Culp; 67. Jerry Bowersock; 68. Paul Stubber; 69. Colton Flinner; 70. Jeff Roth; 71. Mason Zeigler; 72. Jackie Boggs; 73. Bryant Dickinson; 74. Ernie Cordier;


10 Laps (Top 5 Advance):

1. Don O’Neal; 2. Jonathan Davenport; 3. Shanon Buckingham; 4. Chris Simpson; 5. Dale McDowell; 6. Austin Smith; 7. Shad Badder; 8. Bryant Dickinson; 9. Rob Anderzack; 10. Kent Robinson;


10 Laps (Top 5 Advance):

1. Ricky Weiss; 2. Josh Richards; 3. Brent Larson; 4. Matt Miller; 5. Jimmy Mars; 6. Jimmy Owens; 7. Timmy Culp; 8. Brandon Sheppard; 9. Joe Godsey; 10. Ernie Cordier;


10 Laps (Top 5 Advance):

1. Jon Henry; 2. Earl Pearson Jr; 3. Jason Jameson; 4. Tim McCreadie; 5. Tim Manville; 6. Joey Moriarty; 7. Aaron Ridley; 8. Jerry Bowersock; 9. Casey Noonan; 10. Ben Nicastri;


10 Laps (Top 5 Advance):

1. Shane Clanton; 2. Alex Ferree; 3. Hudson O’Neal; 4. Ryan Fenech; 5. Rod Conley; 6. Dustin Nobbe; 7. Steve Casebolt; 8. Steven Roberts; 9. Paul Stubber;


10 Laps (Top 5 Advance):

1. Jason Feger; 2. Ryan King; 3. Kyle Bronson; 4. Billy Moyer; 5. Freddie Carpenter; 6. Colton Flinner; 7. Duane Chamberlain; 8. Jonathan Rowan; 9. Nick Latham;


10 Laps (Top 5 Advance):

1. Bobby Pierce; 2. Jared Landers; 3. Mike Marlar; 4. Devin Gilpin; 5. Jeep VanWormer; 6. Devin Moran; 7. Andy Haus; 8. Jeff Roth; 9. Blake Spencer;


10 Laps (Top 5 Advance):

1. Frank Heckenast Jr; 2. Dennis Erb Jr; 3. Kody Evans; 4. Billy Moyer Jr; 5. Michael Chilton; 6. Shannon Babb; 7. Mason Zeigler; 8. Adam Bowman; 9. Nick Hoffman;


10 Laps (Top 5 Advance):

1. Gregg Satterlee; 2. Chris Madden; 3. Chase Junghans; 4. Michael Page; 5. Darrell Lanigan; 6. Jesse James Lay; 7. Tyler Bruening; 8. Vic Hill; 9. Jackie Boggs;


12 Laps (Top 4 Advance):

1. Shannon Babb; 2. Joey Moriarty; 3. Duane Chamberlain; 4. Austin Smith; 5. Adam Bowman; 6. Nick Hoffman; 7. Rob Anderzack; 8. Jerry Bowersock; 9. Colton Flinner; 10. Mason Zeigler; 11. Nick Latham; 12. Shad Badder; 13. Ben Nicastri; 14. Aaron Ridley; 15. Casey Noonan; 16. Kent Robinson; 17. Jonathan Rowan; 18. Bryant Dickinson;


12 Laps (Top 4 Advance):

1. Jimmy Owens; 2. Dustin Nobbe; 3. Devin Moran; 4. Brandon Sheppard; 5. Andy Haus; 6. Timmy Culp; 7. Steve Casebolt; 8. Jesse James Lay; 9. Steven Roberts; 10. Tyler Bruening; 11. Joe Godsey; 12. Paul Stubber; 13. Jeff Roth; 14. Ernie Cordier;


25 Laps ($10,000 to win):

1. Earl Pearson Jr; 2. Jonathan Davenport; 3. Dale McDowell; 4. Don O’Neal; 5. Tim McCreadie; 6. Frank Heckenast Jr; 7. Shannon Babb; 8. Chris Simpson; 9. Jason Feger; 10. Kyle Bronson; 11. Shanon Buckingham; 12. Duane Chamberlain; 13. Dennis Erb Jr; 14. Jason Jameson; 15. Michael Chilton; 16. Billy Moyer; 17. Billy Moyer Jr; 18. Joey Moriarty; 19. Tim Manville; 20. Austin Smith; 21. Freddie Carpenter; 22. Kody Evans; 23. Ryan King; 24. Jon Henry;


25 Laps ($10,000 to win):

1. Chris Madden; 2. Shane Clanton; 3. Bobby Pierce; 4. Hudson O’Neal; 5. Ricky Weiss; 6. Matt Miller; 7. Gregg Satterlee; 8. Brent Larson; 9. Mike Marlar; 10. Jimmy Mars; 11. Michael Page; 12. Jimmy Owens; 13. Devin Gilpin; 14. Jared Landers; 15. Brandon Sheppard; 16. Darrell Lanigan; 17. Devin Moran; 18. Alex Ferree; 19. Rod Conley; 20. Chase Junghans; 21. Jeep VanWormer; 22.

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