Dunn Benson Motorsports declares ‘discrepancies’ in tire testing

Dunn Benson Motorsports is still in support of dirt late model tire testing

Following their 4th place run in the Dirt Late Model Dream, another team has been bitten by failed tire tests. A failed test is set to cost Dunn Benson Motorsports $28,970.

The tire sample that failed the test is from the Friday night heat race at Eldora Speedway. Bobby Pierce won heat race number six. He then finished 3rd in the main event. That event ran well into the AM due to a rain delay.

On Monday night, the team announced they would appeal the penalty issued by the World Racing Group. Yesterday, they issued a statement on tire testing procedures.

Dunn Benson Motorsports statement

“We 100 percent emphatically deny anything was done to the tire. We will begin the appeal process and go from there to the next steps to clear out name,” Dunn-Benson Motorsports spokesman Wayne Castleberry told DirtonDirt.com .

“Dunn Benson Motorsports supports tire testing 100 percent. But, we also feel there are numerous discrepancies in how the tire custody is handled from the tire manufactures, tire sample procedures by sanction bodies and procedures at certain labs that test the samples.”

What did he mean by ‘Tire custody’? He means that tires might have been subject to foreign chemicals while in the hands of Hoosier. Before the tires are even sold to the team.

What lab did they use? Blue Ridge Labs.


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