Tyler Erb: “Not here to make friends, just money”

Tyler Erb vs the “Mickey Mouse Magnolia Northern Mockingbirds”

Tyler Erb: “Mississippi is a war zone and we left with a big check and a few minor dents on our trailer after night one.”

Over the weekend, Greenville Speedway hosted the 2018 Gumbo Nationals at Greenville Speedway, in Greenville, Mississippi. The Mississippi State Series sanctioned the event with an $8,000 payout to the main event winner.

Greenville Speedway is a 1/4-mile bullring. The little bullring brought the drama…

October 5th

Tyler Erb drove to the win at Greenville Speedway on day-one of the Gumbo Nationals. He pocketed the $4,000 check in the preliminary action.

“I don’t know what to say about these guys. I try to race everybody as clean as possible,” Tyler Erb told DirtonDirt from victory lane.

“These two are battling for a points championship. Quite honestly, I’m here to win races. If they think I’ve run them over… They have no idea what’s coming.”

“I come here to win races. I drive everyone as clean as I can. And the #21 and the #1c are a bunch of pussies and that’s just the end of it,” Erb concluded from victory lane.

Neil Baggett (#21) is one of the drivers mentioned above. Chad Thrash (#1c) is the other.

Following the win, Tyler Erb’s trailer was vandalized. Following night one of the show, dents were installed on the hauler.

“Four dents in the trailer that appeared after our big victory against some of the best racers in the south. Cmon. Boom shakalaka.”

At this point, there was still an entire day left in the program. The Gumbo Nationals was set to conclude the following night.

October 6th

Brent Skyler Miles, crew member for the #21 responded to Erb’s victory lane comments via social media the following morning. He stated, “Hmmm, u better watch out fella.”

“I promise you he don’t want none. He better hope he doesn’t leave that rig he’s in. It’s not only Me after him. I think everyone in the pits have beef with him,” Miles responded to a fan comment.

Tyler Erb repaired the right rear on his machine with a new quarter panel ahead of the final night. It wasn’t wrapped. Instead, he lettered it himself with a sharpie. The note read, “Not here to make friends, just $.”

“Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls, are you ready for rumble on the gumbo! #gameon #totaledout,” Miles said on Facebook ahead of the final night. 

Driver, Neil Baggett kept it short, “Game on.”

There was an awful lot of social media talk leading up to this one. However, the feature race went drama free. They raced it out on the track.

Tyler Erb started toward the back of the field in the 2018 Gumbo Nationals feature. He found the cushion late in the event and drove to the front. He made it all the way to 3rd.

Unfortunately, the power gave out off turn four. Erb coasted to the the infield with electrical issues with just a few laps remaining in the event.

“We picked up another win at Greenville Speedway this weekend. I can’t thank everyone [enough] that helps me and my team. Saturday had an electrical issue end the night,” Tyler Erb wrapped up his weekend.

“Mississippi is a war zone and we left with a big check and a few minor dents on our trailer after night one. Excited to finish the year and continue into 2019.”

“Like a wise man once told me you can’t soar with the eagles if you flock with the Mickey Mouse Magnolia Northern Mockingbirds.”

Kyle Strickler picked up the win in the 2018 Gumbo Nationals. He drove the Lance Landers machine. It was his first showing in the new ride.

Tyler Erb resulted with a finish of 19th following the DNF. Chad Thrash finished 2nd. Neil Baggett was credited with 21st.


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