Daniel Suarez received a call from his dad after the NASCAR fight

Daniel Suarez took fighting classes as a kid; The NASCAR driver received questions from his father

Daniel Suarez went for a walk down the pit lane at ISM Raceway after being held up in NASCAR qualifying. He was met with the hands of Michael McDowell at his throat.

Suarez reacted by tossing him to the ground before he himself was tossed on the hood of the race car by another crew member for McDowell.

It’s was a hell of a show for just round one a qualifying session.

I think that reaction came as a surprise to most of us, McDowell included. If you see Suarez, he almost always has a smile on his face. But, he was trained for this very reaction.

Suarez explains a conversation with his dad and details childhood memories…

Daniel Suarez greets NASCAR fans
Daniel Suarez greets NASCAR fans

Daniel Suarez had a talk with his dad after the altercation

Like everyone else, Daniel Suarez watched the video of the NASCAR fight from over the weekend.

“Oh many times,” Suarez said as he filled in on the Glass Case of Emotion podcast.

“This is very funny. Now, everything is about fun. My dad said, ‘Man, that was very good. Do you think you know how to do that again? Or was it a lucky shot?’ “

“No, no. I know how to do that. I’ll be fine.”

His dad responded, “Oh ok. Why you didn’t kick the second guy out too?’ Why you didn’t put the second guy on the ground as well?”

Suarez explained, “He grabbed me from the back and he was running.”

His dad wanted to make sure he was prepared.

“It’s fun honestly. I remember when I was younger in middle school. I was maybe 13 and I started getting into some classes for fighting.”

Suarez took Martial Arts classes.

“The reason I was in those classes was because my dad wanted to make sure I knew how to defend myself. Just in case.”

“I was a kid. So, I was just waiting to see who was looking at me to try to fight. I was ready to go. I started getting in trouble. =”

“My dad, he had the same problem when he was younger. After all this stuff happened he said, ‘That’s fine. If you’re going to do it. Make sure you do it right. Just make sure you don’t do it too often. But, have fun with it.’ “

“It was one of those things,” Suarez continued. “Obviously, you don’t want that to happen. But, if it happened. You have to be ready for it.”

Other things since the fight

Suarez and McDowell are set to be featured in the week to week promo for NASCAR. There’s no doubt about that.

The last good NASCAR altercation was between Joey Logano and Kyle Busch at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

“Joey Logano thanked me,” Surez explained. “He said, ‘The video of my fight with Kyle Busch has been going on for two years. I’m glad somebody else finally stepped in.’ “

Another person that Suarez has talked to since the altercation is his team co-owner, Tony Stewart. “We had a lot of conversations.”


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