Busch Beer will make good on the promise of this terrible NASCAR paint scheme

Anheuser Busch lost a bet against themselves and now Harvick is set to run BUSCH AF

Ahead of Homestead, Busch Beer made a bet with themselves. They lost.

They stated ahead of the championship race that if Harvick didn’t win the championship, they’d run a LIT AF paint scheme in 2019.

Harvick did not win the championship. Instead, the millennial of Joey Logano claimed the title.

Now, the company is gathering info on what the paint scheme will look like. They just ran a twitter pole for possible phrases to use on the machine.

The options were: YASSSSS, LIT, TURNT, BUSCH AF. And Busch AF won with 68% of the 5,469 votes.

Busch confirmed, “YOOO thanks for helping us out with this. We’re officially adding “BUSCH AF” to the car!”

It’s great that Busch is sitting to their guns and making good on the bet they made against themselves. This car will certainly get the attention of the crowd and go down in history as a famous paint scheme.

Most of all, I’m excited to see Harvick of all people, climb into a car looking like this.

Kevin Harvick
HAMPTON, GA – FEBRUARY 23: Kevin Harvick, driver of the #4 Busch Beer Ford, stands in the garage area during practice for the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Folds of Honor Quiktrip 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway on February 23, 2019 in Hampton, Georgia. (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

Setting something straight…

As a millennial from St. Louis, Missouri (the home of Busch Beer), I want to clear some shit up right now…

We are not the generation that uses stickers and mass emojis. We’re the generation that is actively attempting to remove logos from everything because logos are tacky AF. (They got the AF part correct.)

YOLO, Basic, Shade, Bye Felica: The phrases used in the rendering, they’re spot on in representing the millennial generation. Avocados are likely to be seen on the car as well, that is again correct from a generational standpoint.

However, the rendered car pictured, looks far more like a representation of Generation Z. These are the people born after millennials, in the mid-1990s to mid-2000s.

Gen Z are the folks that tattoo their faces with logos and mistake mumbling for rapping. The types to put stickers and emojis all over their profile pictures and social stories in addition to more permanent editions on their actual faces.

A millennial might put a tiny laughing emoji in the center of the hood and Busch AF on the tailgate, which would still be funny. The compacted alignment of emojis, couldn’t be more inaccurate to millennials.

With that out of the way…. I’m sure they’ll get it fixed up. The paint scheme is still a work in progress. The design could drastically change from the initial proof sent out last year. I’m sure the rendering pictured was just an over-amplified version of what we’ll actually see.

It’s still unclear which race Harvick will run in the one-off paint scheme.


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