Ed Bassmaster vists NASCAR race; Claims to get kicked out

Psh… Nascar

Who? If you’ve opened the internet, you’ve probably seen him. Or maybe you’re one of his 2.2 million YouTube subscribers.

If the bells aren’t ringing, you might know him better as the ‘Psh Guy’. Ed Bassmaster is a stage name of American comedian Edwin Rodriguez.

The YouTube star is famed for making videos that quickly go viral. The general theme in the video is the constant “pshhh” phrase from his mouth.

You might have seen Bassmaster’s previous videos. 2 months ago, he walked around a furniture store and items were staged to break as he sat down in them. He then walked away from the salesman saying, “pshh.”

Anyway, Ed Bassmaster visited the Indianapolis Motor Speedway last weekend. It was the regular season finally for the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series but the NASCAR Xfinity Series was also on the ticket.

Ed Bassmaster visits NASCAR

Bassmaster was invited on Saturday. He was welcomed by NASCAR Xfinity Series driver Josh Bilicki and his sponsor, Insurance King.

He starts by trolling fans in the parking lot.

“I’m actually here protesting them. I can’t listen to this crap all day, I got work to do. Besides that, it’s a waste of time. All they do is go around in a circle, over and over. Pshh.”

“Round and round, in a circle. Pshh.”

He progressed to directly traffic and causing headaches for the yellow shirts in the parking lot of the Indianapolis, Indiana race track.

Bassmaster then made it to the NASCAR garage area. This was in a time that teams were rolling through the NASCAR inspection line.

Bassmaster was given credentials at the gate per the sponsors request. However, the crew members on the Insurance King sponsored team didn’t appear to be aware of this.

“Pshh. I’ve seen way better than this. I’ll tell ya, I’m not impressed,” Bassmaster said to the crew of Josh Bilicki as he kicked the tires.

“Don’t do that again,” the crew for Bilicki fired back after he kicked the tires.

In the NASCAR Xfinity Series drivers’ meeting, NASCAR Xfinity Series director Wayne Auton introduced Bassmaster. But, his time in the front row of the meeting didn’t last long.

“Pshh. I ain’t got time for this. Yada-yada, blah, blah, blah,” Bastermaster said as he walked out of the drivers’ meeting as drivers Tyler Reddick and Austin Dillon laughed their asses off.

At the conclusion of the video, “Whelp, NASCAR kicked me out. Like I give a rats ass.”

NASCAR driver Erik Jones saw the video, “Why you gotta kick my man out NASCAR?”

Was he really kicked out? Maybe.

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