Talladega Race Results: June 20, 2020 (ARCA Menards Series)

Chaos in the closing laps of the ARCA Menards Series at Talladega Superspeedway

The ARCA Menards Series teams have unloaded at Talladega Superspeedway. It’s the General Tire 200 at the 2.66-mile oval in Talladega Alabama.

View 2020 Talladega ARCA results below.

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The ARCA Menards Series has not raced since March. That streak ends today.

Ryan Repko and Drew Dollar set the front row. 76 laps of stock car racing are up next…

General Tire 200
Race – Report

Green flag, Riley Herbst is on the bumper of Drew Dollar into turn one. He pushes him to the lead on the outside.

Lap 5, the top 6 have broken away. They run single file around the bottom with Drew Dollar pulling the train.

Lap 12, Michael Self has lost the draft of the lead group. It’s now a five car breakaway at the front.

Lap 14, Brandon Lynn has mechanical issue on his car. He hits the pit lane under green.

Lap 20, The leaders are approaching a lap car who’s glued to the bottom lane. They snake around him and Riley Herbst nearly works inside of Dollar in the process. Herbst rolls under the yellow line, lifts and tucks back under the bumper of Dollar.

Lap 32, Gus Dean is on the pit road under green and the hood is up.

Lap 38, Riley Herbst pulls out of line off turn four! He has help from Bret Holmes. He pulls even but Dollar noses ahead on the bottom. Three cars to the inside lane, two on the outside.

Competition caution

Lap 39, the competition caution is out. Drew Dollar holds the lead.

Green, Herbst gets a good jump on the outside but he has no help. Dollar leads on the inside into turn one.

Hailie Deegan is locked onto the bumper of Herbst off turn two! She pushes Herbst to the lead on the outside lane. Riley Herbst leads.

Lap 55, Herbst leads Dollar as the top 5 have broken away and run single file around the bottom. 8 cars are on the lead lap.

10 to go

10 to go, Herbst still leads. Ryan Perpko is all over the bumper of Dollar as the leaders approach lap traffic. Dollar gets loose but keeps rolling! Perpko checks up and drops from 3rd to 5th.

8 to go, four car breakaway at the front. Dollar looks to the outside of Herbst off turn four! He’s there, Herbst moves high to throw a late block and they rub fenders! Dollar falls to 4th as Herbst drops back to the bottom to lead.

5 to go, Herbst now leads Bret Holmes. The top 5 run nose to tail around the bottom.

2 to go, Holmes looks to the outside but he tucks back in line. Michael Self jumps to the outside from 3rd with help from Drew Dollar!

Self leads on the outside into turn three with a huge push from Drew Dollar. Self gets jacked into the corner and he pinches down across the nose of Herbst on the inside.

Herbst is forced onto the apron by the left rear of Self but Herbst holds onto it. Self is 90 degrees sideways in the banking as he spins across the nose of Herbst! No caution, Self straightens it out!

Drew Dollar escapes the spin and he’s driving away. The lead group has broken up.

Dollar wins the ARCA race at Talladega Superspeedway!

Talladega Superspeedway
Race Results
June 20, 2020
ARCA Menards Series

Pos | Driver

1. Drew Dollar
2. Ryan Repko
3. Bret Holmes
4. Riley Herbst
5. Michael Self
6. Thad Moffitt
7. Hailie Deegan
8. Jason Kitzmiller
9. Sean Corr
10. Ed Pompa
11. Scott Melton
12. Ryan Huff
13. Tanner Gray
14. Eric Caudell
15. Brandon Lynn
16. Gus Dean
17. Tim Richmond
18. Willie Mullins
19. Tommy Vigh Jr
20. Brad Smith
21. Con Nicolopoulos

Talladega Superspeedway
Video Highlights
June 20, 2020
ARCA Menards Series

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