Floyd Mayweather’s racing team comments on NASCAR changes

Update on The Money Team Racing

In 2018, The Money Team Racing created a facebook page. In late 2019, plans were announced that the team intended to field a car in the NASCAR Cup Series.

A previous website design stated that the team was ‘coming soon’ and that they were looking for a driver.

A photo previously covered the team’s website of a #50 Chevrolet. The team uses the number 50 as Mayweather’s boxing record stands at 50-0.

Last year, the website stated the next race would be Homestead-Miami Speedway. But, the team never entered the event and very little information has been released from the team in general.

Recently, NASCAR announced a multitude of new policies. Those included a ban on the Confederate flag and the removal of a previous rules that required members to stand during the National Anthem.

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TMT Racing issues statement following NASCAR policy changes

“We at TMT Racing fully embrace the efforts by NASCAR to recognize the injustices faced by people of color and the need to listen, learn and act.”

On Wednesday, a post announcing the ban was shared to their LinkedIn page with an additional comment from the team, “The recent ban of the confederate flag at NASCAR events seams to be a hot button for some, but for most, long overdue.”

The Money Team 50 car
The Money Team #50 car

Team seeking partners

In recent months, the team has been far more active on social media. Specifically on LinkedIn, where they’ve posted the following updates, encouraging brands to link up with the new team:

“Here is a very good read on how companies will be looking at advertising via televised sporting events to get ahead of their competition by reaching new and bringing back customers as things begin to open up. If you would like to join that trend and advertise with our team as we embark into NASCAR please let us know.”

When NASCAR first returned, they tuned in by the multi-millions. The team shared that update and welcomed brands to reach out for sponsorship opportunities.

“To say NASCAR fans where pumped to see the season fire back up is an understatement! 6.32 million viewers is an incredible number. FOX Sports did a great job with the coverage. This should be a great momentum builder for the sport and a great time for new partnerships and even a return for some to the sport. Let us know if you would like to get involved, between increased viewership and our team owners reach via social media (45 million followers) you can make a great splash.”

Floyd Mayweather has a thing for cars and also spending money. He can check off both of those in the world of racing.


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