Ward Burton talks snakes as one climbs his wall (VIDEO)

His brother, Jeff Burton does not approve

Ward Burton spent 13 years at 200mph with the NASCAR Cup Series. He retired from the sport in 2007 with 375 starts and 5 career wins. Since the days of stock car racing, Ward has gone a different route.

Watch the Ward Burton snake video below.

Nothing about this title is for me, I don’t do snakes, anything bitey or slithery. Burton however, has spent the majority of his life having fun and living life within nature. An avid hunter and fisherman, he often shares videos from the woods.

Burton is the founder of The Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation. They specialize in preserving and maintaining everything from forestry to wetlands.

For example, the foundation has partnered with National Guard and ACUB to preserve the land surrounding the military bases.

In his free time, he’s out here taming black snakes…

Ward Burton
Taming snakes

A snake crawled up the wall of a shed, slithering across the handles of shovels and land equipment. Ward saw an opportunity to teach his fans something about snakes…

“One thing that’s always been really curious to me is how a black snake can crawl up a tree,” Burton opened in a social media video.

“It’s obviously got no legs. You can tell he’s a little irritated.”

“But, they certainly can go up tree’s. They can’t go up vertical walls. But, they can find their way up some rough surfaces. They’re looking for eggs and different things like that.”

Just then, Ward moves the phone closer to the snake. It makes a slight thrust at the camera. But, Ward is calm as can be.

“I could tame this snake.”

Keep in mind, the snake just lunged at him. Then, he looked away and turned it’s back to the snake?!

“Cool rat snake,” Burton concludes.

Black snakes are known to eat mice and other creatures around the property, including eggs. In theory, they’re good to have around.

His brother Jeff, while they’re both from Virginia, they aren’t on the same wave length when it comes to inspecting and taming snakes. The two brothers might have memories in the slithering department.

I’m highly entertained. Burton should absolutely have his own show on National Geographic…. ATTN Disney.

Ward Burton
Snake Video


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