Texas Motor Speedway: Inspection issues (NASCAR Cup Series)

Two penalties have been handed out ahead of the NASCAR Cup Series race in Fort Worth

We’re moments away from the NASCAR Cup Series race at Texas Motor Speedway. The event will conclude a triple-header race weekend in Fort Worth, Texas.

Early this morning, NASCAR inspection opened. Teams are given several hours to pass multiple inspection points ahead of the race.

Teams will touch the track for the first time on lap 1 of the race. Due to condensed race weekends, there are no qualifying or practice sessions this weekend.

Chase Elliott and Reed Sorenson have both failed pre-race technical inspection twice at Texas Motor Speedway. Each of them will drop to the rear at the start of the race.

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NASCAR Inspection Penalties (Rules)

1 NASCAR Inspection failure: No penalty, the team gets to go to the back of the inspection line and try again.

2 NASCAR inspection failure: If a team fails twice, NASCAR will send that car to the rear of the field.

3 NASCAR inspection failures: They have to start at the rear. In addition, the car has to serve a pass through penalty on pit lane at the start of the race.

Typically, NASCAR crew members are ejected on a second failure. However, due to a lack of practice and/or qualifying in recent events, series officials have given less-strict ejections for failed pre-race inspections.


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