Kansas Race Results: July 25, 2020 (NASCAR Truck Series)

NASCAR Truck Series results from Saturday at Kansas Speedway

Today, the NASCAR Truck Series returns to the Kansas Speedway. It’s second and final truck race of the weekend on the 1.5-mile oval.

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Chase Purdy and Brandon Jones set the front row. 134 laps of truck racing are up next…

Kansas Truck Race
Stage 1 – Report

Laps: 30 (1-30 / 134)

Green flag, Christian Eckes makes it three wide for the lead into turn one. Eckes leads on the bottom as Brandon Jones takes 2nd off turn two. The front row was swallowed.

Lap 9, Zane Smith has run down the leader. He dives to the bottom and clears Eckes with ease.

10 to go in stage one, Smith leads Brett Moffitt by 0.8 seconds.

Lap 21, Travis Pastrana heads to the pit lane under green with a flat tire.

Zane Smith takes the win in stage one of the NASCAR Truck Series race at Kansas Speedway!

Truck Race Results – Kansas – Stage 1 : 1. Zane Smith; 2. Brett Moffitt; 3. Matt Crafton; 4. Christian Eckes; 5. Brandon Jones; 6. Brennan Poole; 7. Chase Purdy; 8. Todd Gilliland; 9. Raphael Lessard; 10. Derek Kraus;

Kansas Truck Race
Stage 2 – Report

Laps: 30 (31-60 / 134)

Zane Smith leads the field to the pit lane. Austin Hill and Ben Rhodes take 2 tires and win the race to the pit exit. Smith is off 3rd with four tires.

Green flag on stage two, Hill and Rhodes ride even into turn one and off turn two. Hill wins that battle in turn three.

Lap 38, Crafton makes it three wide for 2nd with Rhodes and Smith. Zane Smith wins that battle on the bottom and moves to 2nd.

Lap 40, Smith runs high in turn one. He has momentum and a run off turn two. Smith dives to the inside and clears Hill for the lead into turn three.

Lap 42, Bryan Dauzat is around and the caution is out.

Green, Smith gets the jump as Hill spins the tires on the outside lane. They run four wide behind them.

5 to go in stage two, Matt Crafton has run down the race leader.

Zane Smith won stage one and he’s just collected the stage two win at Kansas!

Truck Race Results – Kansas – Stage 2 : 1. Zane Smith; 2. Matt Crafton; 3. Brett Moffitt; 4. Sheldon Creed; 5. Derek Kraus; 6. Tyler Ankrum; 7. Austin Hill; 8. Chase Purdy; 9. Christian Eckes; 10. Todd Gilliand;

Kansas Truck Race
Stage 3 – Report

Laps: 74 (61-134 / 134)

The field returns to the pit lane. Slow stop for Smith as he’s off 4th. Friesen wins the race to the pit exit with no tires. Matt Crafton is off 2nd, the first with four tires.

Green flag on stage three, Crafton gets the jump but Moffitt comes from row three to lead on the bottom into turn one. Friesen is taken four wide as he struggled on old tires.

Lap 72, Sheldon Creed slides Moffitt for the lead in turn one.

Lap 73, Travis Pastrana is around off turn four and the caution is out.

Green, Creed and Moffitt run even into turn one. Moffitt noses ahead on the bottom off turn two.

Spin behind them, Roper tags the inside wall and Kraus is around. The caution is back out.

Pit stops

Some head for the pit lane. Creed, Crafton and others. Moffitt stays out.

Green, Moffitt gets the jump with a huge push from Austin Hill.

Huge crash behind them! Tanner Gray turned Clay Greenfield into turn one. The field came along a 10+ trucks were collected. The red flag is out.

Moffitt pits from the lead. He’ll now restart 15th. Tanner Gray and Kevin Donahue line up on the front row.

Green, the bottom lane gets bottled up. Gray leads on the outside.

Creed takes them three wide for the lead into turn three. Creed is clear.

Lap 94, Smith hooks Tyker Ankrum in the right rear. Brett Moffitt is collected as Ankrum is pointed to the outside wall. The caution is out.

Green, Creed drives it deep into turn one but Hill works to his right rear. They trade sidedrafts and Hill pops out with the lead.

Lap 103, Creed slides Hill but he runs out of race track on the exit of turn four. Creed tags the wall with the right rear and collects moderate damage, no caution.

31 to go

31 to go, Raphael Lessard is slow with a flat tire and the caution is out.

Green, Hill and Crafton run side by side into turn one. Hill clears him. Creed is in the wall again behind them and the caution is back out.

Green, Eckes gives a shove to Crafton on the inside.

10 to go, Crafton leads Eckes by 0.5 seconds.

7 to go, Eckes is there. We have a race for the win!

5 to go, Eckes heads to the bottom. Crafton takes the air away and he drops to the bottom also.

4 to go, Crafton is tight off turn four. Eckes has a run and closes right to his rear bumper into turn one.

3 to go, Crafton attempts to break the draft down the backstretch.

Final lap, Crafton has opened the gap by 4 truck lengths. Eckes drives it deep into turn three but he can’t get to him.

Matt Crafton wins at Kansas Speedway!

View full 2020 Kansas Speedway results for the NASCAR Truck Series below.

Kansas Speedway Results
NASCAR Truck Series
July 25, 2020

Pos | Driver

1. Matt Crafton
2. Christian Eckes
3. Grant Enfinger
4. Tanner Gray
5. Ben Rhodes
6. Austin Hill
7. Derek Kraus
8. Brandon Jones
9. Zane Smith
10. Chase Purdy
11. Raphael Lessard
12. Brennan Poole
13. Austin Wayne Self
14. Spencer Davis
15. Jordan Anderson
16. Tyler Hill
17. Tate Fogleman
18. Spencer Boyd
19. Ryan Huff
20. Todd Gilliland
21. Robby Lyons II
22. Travis Pastrana
23. Kevin Donahue
24. Ray Ciccarelli
25. Norm Benning
26. Sheldon Creed
27. Brett Moffitt
28. Tyler Ankrum
29. Codie Rohrbaugh
30. Ty Majeski
31. Clay Greenfield
32. Jennifer Jo Cobb
33. Johnny Sauter
34. Stewart Friesen
35. Natalie Decker
36. Cory Roper
37. Bryan Dauzat


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