Huset’s Speedway Results: August 2, 2020 (ASCoC)

The legendary bullring dirt track returns with a thriller and a packed house in the grand re-opening!

Huset’s Speedway has not seen a green flag since 2017. Tonight, that drought comes to an end with open throttle sprint car action around the 1/4-mile oval in Brandon, South Dakota.

View full 2020 Huset’s Speedway results below.

Earlier this year, it looked like Huset’s was heading to the graveyard. That won’t be the case.

They’re ripping the band-aid clear off. Tonight’s season opener will see a $20,000 to win show featuring 410 dirt sprint cars.

The deal was recently finalized on the new ownership and the new management had only three weeks to prepare for this event. Tod Quiring operates the nearby Jackson Motorplex and he is also the new owner of Huset’s Speedway in South Dakota.

Amid the pandemic, the Jackson Motorplex in nearby Minnesota, is unable to host large gatherings. As the owner of both tracks, events that are previously scheduled for Jackson have been moved to Huset’s Speedway.

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36 dirt sprint cars are checked in for the unique season opener of Huset’s Speedway. The fans have packed every row of the grandstands, dirt racing returns to a full house.

Kyle Larson is making his second start at Huset’s Speedway in his racing career. Last night, Larson set the All-Star Circuit of Champions consecutive win record with seven straight series victories. He’s looking to break the record yet again.


Trouble in the heat race, Larson is a scratch for the rest of the night. He flipped into the turn one fence and totaled his machine against a post. Larson climbed from his car under his own power.

ASCoC @ Huset’s
Feature – Report

Laps: 35

Kerry Madsen and Cory Eliason set the front row for the main event. The cushion is right against the outside wall and the inside lane remains full of moisture. 35 laps of sliders are up next…

Green flag, Madsen gets the jump and he leads into turn one. Eliason is all over his bumper off turn two.

Lap 2, Madsen heads for the bottom. Eliason bounces off the cushion and clears him off turn two! Slow car behind them and the caution is out. Eliason will have to pass him again as we go back to the previous lap.

Green, Madsen leads as Eliason bobbles at the launch. Dominic Scelzi is looking for 2nd as they battle around the bullring.

Lap 8, the leader has a 10 car length gap but he works heavy lap traffic.

Lap 11, Madsen tags the wall off turn four! Eliason takes the lead as Madsen falls to 3rd.

Lap 14, Scelzi and Madsen split lap traffic and Madsen pops out with 2nd.

Lap 16, Madsen has climbed to the bumper of Eliason for the race lead. Madsen drives right by on the bottom as Eliason bangs the cushion.

Lap 21, the cushion is right on the wall. Eliason bounces right off the wall or the cushion, take your pick.

Lap 22, Eliason bangs the cushion once again. He pulls even with Madsen in the process and clears him with highside momentum off turn two.

Lap 30, Eliason leads Scelzi by 1 second.

Cory Eliason wins at Huset’s Speedway!

Huset’s Speedway Results
August 2, 2020

View full 2020 All-Star Circuit of Champions race results from Huset’s Speedway in Brandon, SD below.

Hot Laps

Hop Laps – (Combined) : 1. Aaron Reutzel (10.841); 2. Justin Henderson (10.946); 3. Kyle Larson (10.957); 4. Dominic Scelzi (11.079); 5. Cale Thomas (11.174); 6. Rico Abreu; 7. Skylar Gee; 8. Cory Eliason; 9. Terry McCarl; 10. Paul McMahan;

11. Tucker Klaasmeyer; 12. Shane Golobic; 13. Tim Kaeding; 14. Paige Polyak; 15. Ian Madsen; 16. Zeb Wise; 17. Lynton Jeffrey; 18. Kerry Madsen; 19. Jody Rosenboom; 20. Greg Wilson;

21. Gerard McIntyre; 22. Brian Brown; 23. Gio Scelzi; 24. Matt Juhl; 25. Trey Starks; 26. Brant O’Banion; 27. Skylar Prochaska; 28. Cody Hansen; 29. Colin Smith; 30. Josh Baughman;

31. Elliot Amdahl; 32. Chuck McGillivray; 33. Donovan Peterson; 34. Austin McCarl; 35. Hunter Schruerenberg; 36. Brooke Tatnell;


Qualifying (Group A & B Combined) : 1. Kyle Larson (10.843); 2. Justin Henderson (11.165); 3. Lynton Jeffrey (11.218); 4. Cory Eliason (11.228); 5. Skylar Prochaska (11.248); 6. Paige Polyak (11.260); 7. Rico Abreu; 8. Brian Brown; 9. Paul McMahan; 10. Giovanni Scelzi;

11. Aaron Reutzel; 12. Trey Starks; 13. Cale Thomas; 14. Dominic Scelzi; 15. Hunter Schuerenberg; 16. Ian Madsen; 17. Shane Golobic; 18. Tim Kaeding; 19. Zeb Wise; 20. Kerry Madsen;

21. Terry McCarl; 22. Tucker Klaasmeyer; 23. Gerard McIntyre; 24. Jody Rosenboom; 25. Matt Juhl; 26. Greg Wilson; 27. Donovan Peterson; 28. Cody Hansen; 29. Elliot Amdahl; 30. Chuck McGillivray;

31. Brant O’Banion; 32. Skylar Gee (DQ);

Heat Races

Heat 1 (8 Laps – Top 5 Transfer) : 1. Aaron Reutzel; 2. Brian Brown; 3. Trey Starks; 4. Skylar Prochaska; 5. Tucker Klaasmeyer; 6. Skylar Gee; 7. Gerard McIntyre Jr; 8. Colin Smith; 9. Lynton Jeffrey (DNF);

Heat 2 (8 Laps – Top 5 Transfer ) : 1. Dominic Scelzi; 2. Ian Madsen; 3. Paige Polyak; 4. Cory Eliason; 5. Tim Kaeding; 6. Hunter Schuerenberg; 7. Elliot Amdahl; 8. Kyle larson (DNF); 9. Brant O’Banion (DNF);

Heat 3 (8 Laps – Top 5 Transfer ) : 1. Cale Thomas; 2. Paul McMahan; 3. Rico Abreu; 4. Zeb Wise; 5. Shane Golobic; 6. Justin Henderson; 7. greg Wilson; 8. Cody Hansen; 9. Donovan Peterson (DNF);

Heat 4 (8 Laps – Top 5 Transfer ): 1. Kerry Madsen; 2. Terry McCarl; 3. Giovanni Scelzi; 4. Jody Rosenboom; 5. Josh Baughman; 6. Matt Juhl; 7. Chuck McGillivray; 8. Austin McCarl (DNS);

Alphabet Main

B-Main (12 Laps – Top 4 Transfer) : 1. Justin Henderson; 2. Hunter Schuerenberg; 3. Lynton Jeffrey; 4. Skylar Gee; 5. Greg Wilson; 6. Matt Juhl; 7. Gerard McIntyre; 8. Cody Hansen; 9. Elliot Amdahl; 10. Colin Smith; 11. Brant O’Banion;


Dash 1 (4 Laps) : 1. Kerry Madsen; 2. Dominic Scelzi; 3. Rico Abreu; 4. Aaron Reutzel; 5. Brian Brown;

Dash 2 (4 Laps) : 1. Cory Eliason; 2. Cale Thomas; 3. Gio Scelzi; 4. Skylar Prochaska; 5. Paige Polyak;

Huset’s Speedway
Feature Results – Sprint Cars
August 2, 2020

A-Main (35 Laps – $20,000 to win) :

Pos | Driver

1. Cory Eliason
2. Dominic Scelzi
3. Kerry Madsen
4. Ian Madsen
5. Rico Abreu
6. Aaron Reutzel
7. Cale Thomas
8. Gio Scelzi
9. Paul McMahan
10. Paige Polyak
11. Zeb Wise
12. Skylar Prochaska
13. Terry McCarl
14. Shane Golobic
15. Tim Kaeding
16. Jody Rosenboom
17. Lynton Jeffrey
18. Trey Starks
19. Skylar Gee
20. Josh Baughman
21. Hunter Schuerenberg
22. Tucker Klaasmeyer

ASCoC Point Standings

After Huset’s (August 2nd, 2020):

Pos | Driver | Points


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