SRX released a photo of their new car; Fans were vocal, so they changed it

Fans hated the front splitter; Evernham removed it upon request

There’s a new short track racing series in town. Starting in 2021, the Superstar Racing Experience will make it’s debut.

SRX was formed by Tony Stewart, Ray Evernham, The Montag Group and CBS. They’re locked and loaded with all the right people for creating a unique form of racing.

The series isn’t designed to compete with NASCAR or any other form of motorsport. It’s designed to be an addition to motorsports as a whole similar to the old IROC series or Race of Champions.

So far, Tony Stewart, Tony Kanaan and most recently, Paul Tracy are the only confirmed weekly drivers. That’s three of the twelve drivers that are expected to complete in the 6-race mini-series.

Many drivers like Chase Elliott and Greg Biffle have expressed interest in the series. Several drivers are set to make one-off appearances, instead of competing on a weekly basis.

The new series is going to focus on both dirt and oval short tracks. It is designed to take the aerodynamic dependencies out of the sport.

Additionally, the car itself is expected to be less aero dependent. With big rear tires and less downforce, the control of the car is expected to be placed back in the hands of the driver.

So, when fans saw the rendering of the car with a front splitter, they exploded…

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SRX car design renderings

Last week, the SRX Series release several teaser images.

Days later, a new rendering of the car was released. The splitter was mostly removed.

Evernham commented, “Ok fans, Splitters gone. But I’m keeping the x grill.”

Even with the new rending featuring a drastically reduced splitter, fans were still commenting on the splitter, which was still there but drastically reduced.

“It’s not a splitter it is A brace for the lower nose just like we used to run on the old Luminas. We will cut it flush especially at the dirt track. Everything you see of this car will be about styling anything that looks aerodynamic will not be effective,” Evernham responded to fans.

You can see the updated front nose and splitter design below.

As the series later released an image of the rear end, fans stated that the series was trolling.

“No we really aren’t. I want that wing. Looks cool and is efficient for cars following,” Ray Evernham responded.

The SRX will air all six races LIVE on network television in 2021. The tv deal was struck with CBS.

On Tuesday afternoon, the series released the following graphic highlighting the look of the future car as a whole. It’s the first viewing of the 2021 SRX car.

SRX car
SRX car


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