Tony Stewart comments on SRX tracks

The Superstar Racing Experience could be visiting Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway

SRX was formed by Tony Stewart, Ray Evernham, The Montag Group and CBS to place an emphasis on short track racing with a new unique racing series.

The series will debut with a brief six race season in 2021. The events will be televised LIVE on CBS. They will run on Saturday night and the new division won’t compete with other national motorsports schedules.

Twelve drivers are set to compete in the series. Invitations have been sent out to various drivers. More have been confirmed but are yet to be released.

Confirmed SRX Drivers: Tony Stewart (NASCAR), Bobby Labonte (NASCAR), Tony Kanaan (INDYCAR), Paul Tracy (INDYCAR) and Helio Castroneves (INDYCAR).

But, which tracks will the series be heading to?

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Tony Stewart on short tracks for SRX

“The fun part is, right now, we’re reviewing race tracks,” Tony Stewart told Waltrip Unfiltered.

“There’s race track across the country that are saying, ‘Hey, we’re open to being a part of this.’ We’re looking at some really cool tracks.”

“Mainly, smaller tracks. Shorter tracks where guys are going to be closer to each other, beating and banging. Stuff that the race fans really miss seeing right now.”

“We want tracks that are going to give these guys an opportunity to slide the cars around without having to worry about crashing all the time.”

“Smaller tracks, where I think the action’s better anyway. Tracks like Bristol and Martinsville are some of the best racing that NASCAR has right now.”

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“One of them that’s up for consideration is the Fairgrounds track at Nashville. I think that would be a great venue.”

“Places that these cars aren’t going to be separated and strung out. We’re looking at dirt tracks. I don’t think we’re going to get a road course in for next year but that’s something we’re looking at. But, it’s very possible you’ll see a dirt race on the schedule.”

Tony Stewart is a part-owner of the series and the full owner of Eldora Speedway. If a dirt track is added, Eldora is the likely candidate.

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SRX Cars

A teaser photo of the SRX car has already been released. It features a tall rear spoiler, similar to Richard Petty’s Superbird.

The car is going to be high horsepower and low downforce. Additionally, the cars will be going slower on the smaller tracks, thus downforce is naturally less important.

“The cars are going to look really cool. They’re going to be full-bodied cars. They’re going to look cool and be fast. High horsepower, which is something that NASCAR’s gone the opposite direction, taking horsepower away.”

“We’re jacking the horsepower up, we want these guys to have to control the throttle with their foot and not make it too easy for them.

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