Las Vegas Bullring Race Results: September 26, 2020 (ARCA Menards Series West)

ARCA results from The Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Today, the ARCA Menards Series West takes on Las Vegas, Nevada. The Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway is set to host the event.

View full 2020 Las Vegas Bullring results below.

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This race was originally scheduled for Sonoma. The event was moved to Las Vegas.

Jesse Love and Joey Iest set the front row. 150 laps of stock car racing are up next…

LVMS Bulling

Green flag, Jesse Love leads on the inside into turn one. Trevor Huddleston works to the inside of Iest as he’s stuck on the outside lane.

Lap 10, Love has a light trail of smoke billowing out of the back of his machine.

Lap 15, Huddleston is on the bumper of Love for the race lead. The smoke is fading on the Love machine, it was possibly a tire rub on low air pressure.

Lap 25, Huddleston remain on the bumper of Love as they race through lap traffic. These two have broken away from the field.

Lap 33, Huddleston can hold is way lower off the corner. Love runs wide off turn four, Huddleston holds it low and has a run into turn one. He drives it deep into the corner and takes the lead. Love crosses under Huddleston off turn two. They make light contact in turn four but Huddleston holds the lead.

Lap 48

Lap 48, trouble in turn three! Race leader, Huddleston is in the wall! The caution is out as Huddleston heads to the pits with moderate right side damage.

Green, Love and Perkins run fenders into turn one. Love runs Perkins wide off turn two. Gracier Trotter holds it low and makes it three wide for the lead into turn three. Trotter to the lead!

Trouble behind them! Perkins is in the wall after a mechanical issue. It looked identical to his teammates impact with the wall, possible similar setup issues causes tires to go down.

Green, Trotter leads by a car length into turn one. Joey Iest takes over 2nd behind her.

Lap 68, the caution is out.

Green, Trotter leads as Love jumps on the brakes early to tuck in behind her into turn one.

56 to go, Iest works under Love with a lake brake into turn one, Iest takes 2nd. Trotter leads by 1.2 seconds.

44 to go

44 to go, the caution is out.

Green, Trotter leads. Iest is dropping through the field, he drops to last in one lap. Love retakes 2nd.

30 to go, Trotter leads Love by 1.7 seconds.

20 to go

20 to go, Love gets into the left rear of the lap of Bridget Burgess off turn four. It looks like Love drove through her. The caution is out.

Green, Love gets the jump on the outside. Trotter fights back on the inside into turn one. They rub doors and Trotter holds the lead.

Holley Hollan is slow behind them. The caution is out as she brushes the wall with mechanical issues. She was running 3rd.

It will be 9 to go at the restart. A shootout to the finish.

Green, Trotter and Gio Scelzi run even into turn one. Scelzi hangs with her on the outside. It takes a full lap but Trotter holds the lead as Scelzi runs wide as they return to turn one.

5 to go, Trotter leads Scelzi by 4 car lengths.

Gracie Trotter wins on The Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway! That’s her first ARCA Menards Series West victory.

Gracie Trotter - ARCA Menards Series
Gracie Trotter – ARCA Menards Series

Las Vegas Motor Speedway Bullring
Race Results
September 26, 2020
ARCA Menards Series West

Pos | Driver

1. Gracie Trotter
2. Gio Scelzi
3. Jesse Love
4. Kyle Keller
5. Todd Souza
6. Takuma Koga
7. Bridget Burgess
8. Bobby Hillis
9. Holley Hollan
10. Blaine Perkins
11. Joey Iest
12. Trevor Huddleston


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