Romain Grosjean details escape of fiery F1 crash; Returns to Bahrain (Video)

Watch the emotional video as the Haas F1 driver returns to the track with hugs from all

On Sunday, Romain Grosjean came inches from death. He hit a wall at 130mph. Half of the car went through the wall while the other half, split from the driver’s cockpit remained on the track side of the wall.

The car burst into flames. Still, Grosjean was able to escape the crash, much with the help of safety workers.

Now, Grosjean’s hands are wrapped and there’s a boot on his foot. He’s unable to place his F1 badge against the scanner without assistance but he’s returned.

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Romain Grosjean details crash excape

“This video is incredible,” Grosjean opened in the social media post below.

“Look at the professionalism of the fireman, trying to keep the fire away from me in the car.”

“Look at the action on Ian Roberts and his involvement. I told him he was a hero, he went into the fire as much as he could to save me.”

“Finally, this is also the moment I realized I was going to live. Extracting my body from the chassis. Yes it burned myself and yes it was painful but that’s nothing compare to the relief I felt as soon as I could get up. I felt Ian’s hands pulling me over the barrier and knew I was safe. I remember every second of it and life will never be the same again, but I’m sure for the best.”

Grosjean added, “I met with death and that is the worst feeling I ever had. But I’m alive and will enjoy every second of life and every small win in a much better way from now on.”

Romain Grosjean - Crash
Romain Grosjean – Crash

Changes to Bahrain wall

After the crash, concrete blocks were installed at the crash site, allowing the race to resume. This weekend, the series returns to the same track and some changes have been made to the wall.

The Armco that Grosjean went through has been replaced. Additionally, multiple rows of tires have been placed in front of the wall.

In turn 8 and turn 9 a curb has been removed. This is to prevent cars from getting airborne.

These changes were made following a review of last weekend’s race at the same track.

Romain Grosjean
Fire Video
Romain Grosjean returns to Bahrain International Circuit

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