Chili Bowl Nationals fan escorted from building (Video)

Here’s a fairly entertaining video from the indoor dirt track race

Around Christmas time, an emergency meeting was called by government officials. They informed the Chili Bowl and Tulsa Shootout operators that everyone in the building must wear a mask, at all times.

Watch the Chili Bowl fan get escorted below.

It was highly serious. Event officials were warned that if fans didn’t wear masks in the Tulsa Shootout, then there would be no Chili Bowl Nationals in 2021.

Event organizers sent out memos to the fans. For weeks, they made it very clear masks are required at all times.

“Drivers will not be required to wear a mask during competition as they will be wearing a helmet and fire protection equipment. When visitors are actively eating or drinking, or at a distanced table designated for eating and drinking, masks may be removed, otherwise masks must be worn at all times while in attendance. Expo officials will be monitoring this.

“Facility will utilize signage and messaging to encourage individuals to follow public health guidance of maintaining at least six feet, whenever possible, to the person closest to them.”

Officials added, “There will be TPD officers out here. If they catch you with no mask, they will ask you to escort the building. If it’s a problem, they will remove you.”

Beyond masks, temperatures are taken of employees, racers and fans before they enter the building. A limit of 100.4 was set.

6,900 people are allowed in the facility. Pit capacity is limited to 25%. This allows for 36 square feet per person inside the building.

The Tulsa Shootout went on with little problems. We are now in the week of the famed Chili Bowl Nationals.

Fan escorted from Chili Bowl Nationals

However, during the preliminary week of the Chili Bowl Nationals, we found an issue. One fan, sitting the gransdstands by himself, elected not to wear his mask.

It’s not that he didn’t have one. It was just being worn as a scarf, of sorts.

It took very little time for local enforcement to kick in. Security came into the grandstands and approached the man to initiate an escort, leading him to Police.

Before being escorted out of the venue, he was instructed to put on his mask. Interestingly, he did.

On his way out of the grandstands, he looked up to the tower and gave them the middle finger. Police then completed the escort.

The tv broadcast had no issues showing the grandstand entertainment.

The race announcers commented, “We take out masking extremely serious here. I don’t know if he had been instructed to put a mask on before that or what.”

Chili Bowl Nationals
Fan escorted


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