Cochran Motor Speedway Results: March 12, 2021 (Gobbler 100)

Gobbler 100 results from the $20,000 to win dirt late model show

Tonight, the stars of the Super Late Model ranks have unloaded in Cochran, Georgia. The 3/8-mile dirt track of Cochran Motor Speedway is set to host the makeup event for the Gobbler 100.

View full Cochran Motor Speedway results for the super late models below.

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Gobbler 100 ($20,000 to win) | Crate Late Models ( Brad Keselowski)

It’s standing room only with parking lined up into the next county. NASCAR Cup Series driver Brad Keselowski has packed the stands as he’s running tonight in the Crate Late Model division.

It’s likely the biggest crowd in the history of the Georgia track.

This event was originally scheduled to run last year. They completed the super late model heat races in 2020. Those races remain official. Tonight, they’ll jump right into the feature event.

The Gobbler 100 makeup race is now the season opener for the Georgia dirt track. Tonight’s super late model feature winner will load up with a check for $20,000.

Brandon Overton and Kyle Bronson line up on the front row. They declared those starting positions 4 months ago.

27 dirt late models are now set for the green flag. They line up four wide for the Georgia race fans, 75 laps of dirt track racing are up next…

Gobbler 100
Race Report

Green flag, Branson gets the jump on the inside as Brandon Overton holds 2nd.

Lap 3, Bronson works the bottom as Overton runs the outside groove. These two break away from the field.

Lap 5, Overton has a run on Bronson into turn one. Branson runs the middle and Overton fills the inside lane. Overton to the lead!

Lap 20, Overton leads Bronson by 2 seconds. The track is slicking over and Overton is glued to the inside wall in search of some grip.


Lap 27, Ahnna Parkhurst is around off turn two and the caution is out. Many cars hit the hot pits for changes.

Green, Overton leads. Wil Herrington, Kyle Bronson and Michael Peage run three wide for 2nd! Herrington takes the spot on the cushion.

Lap 33, Page is on the bumper of Herrington for 2nd. He takes the spot into turn three.

Lap 50, Overton leads Page by 2 seconds. The leader works heavy lap traffic.


Lap 54, the caution is out.

Green, Overton leads as Page and Bailes run side by side for 2nd. They rub doors down the backstretch and Page holds 2nd.

5 to go, Overton leads Page by 4 seconds.

Brandon Overton cruises to the $20,000 win at Cochran Motor Speedway!

Cochran Motor Speedway
Race Results
March 12, 2021
Gobbler 100

Heat races were completed in November 2020. Tonight’s show concludes the program with the makeup feature that was rained out months ago.

All cars on hand will transfer into the main event. Many were not here for the event in November, they’ll be gifted a starting spot at the back of the field.

Below are the full results from the Super Late Model division:

Hot Laps

Practice 1 (Group 1) : 1. Kyle Bronson (14.668); 2. Dillon Tidmore; 3. Steven Roberts; 4. Jimmy Sharpe Jr; 5. Pearson Williams; 6. Ross Bailes; 7. Parker Martin; 8. Austin Kirkpatrick; 9. Terrance Nowell; 10. Jim Rogers; 11. Joey Armistead; 12. Ahnna Parkhurst; 13. Kenny Collins;

Practice 1 (Group 1) : 1. Brandon Overton (14.669); 2. Scott Bloomquist; 3. Wil Herrington; 4. Michael Page; 5. Cla Knight; 6. Dalton Cook; 7. Trent Ivey; 8. Garrett Smith; 9. Shane Riner; 10. Dean Bowen; 11. Jeff Mathews; 12. Brian Nuttall;


Qualifying (2 Laps) : 1. Kyle Bronson (13.371); 2. Jimmy Sharpe Jr (13.456); 3. Brandon Overton (13.513); 4. Dalton Cook; 5. Pearson Williams; 6. Austin Kirkpatrick; 7. Michael Page; 8. Joey Armistead; 9. Dean Bowen; 10. Kenny Collins;

11. Steven Roberts; 12. Cla Knight; 13. Wil Herrington; 14. Ahnna Parkhurst; 15. Trent Ivey; 16. Jeff Mathews; 17. Garrett Smith; 18. Terrance Nowell; 19. Shane Riner; 20. Jim Rogers; 21. Brian Nuttall; 22. Dillon Tidmore;

Heat Races

Heat 1 : 1. Brandon Overton; 2. Wil Herrington; 3. Cla Knight; 4. Trent Ivey; 5. Data Unavailable; 6. Jeff Mathews;

Heat 2 : 1. Michael Page; 2. Scott Bloomquist; 3. Dalton Cook; 4. Garrett Smithley; 5. Dean Bowen; 6. Brian Nuttall;

Gobbler 100
Main Event
March 12, 2021

(Laps: 75 – $20,000 to win)

Pos | Driver

1. Brandon Overton
2. Michael Page
3. Ross Bailes
4. Kyle Bronson
5. Parker Martin
6. Wil Herrington
7. Scott Bloomquist
8. Austin Kirkpatrick
9. Dalton Cook
10. Kenny Collins
11. Trent Ivey
12. Jim Rogers
13. Jeff Mathews
14. Pearson Williams
15. Ahnna Parkhurst
16. Jimmy Sharpe Jr
17. Mark Whitener
18. Dillon Tidmore
19. Cla Knight
20. Steven Roberts
21. Marty Lunsford
22. Dean Bowen

Looking for Brad Keselowski’s race at Cochran Motor Speedway? Here’s the results from his race.


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