Racing drivers fight, smash helmet at Mid-Ohio (Video)

WWE meets Auto Racing: Bo LeMastus vs Bill Hynes at Mid-Ohio

The Stadium Super Trucks are sharing the Indycar stage at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course this weekend in Lexington, Ohio. Bo LeMastus started from the pole but his race went sideways and shitty in a hurry.

Watch the Stadium Super Truck fight video below.

This series features jumps installed in the middle of the track. Bo LeMastus apparently elected to skip some of those and in the process, passed Bill Hynes.

After the race was over, Hynes elected to show some frustartion by wrecking LeMastus. The two trucks came to a stop, broken, after the checkered flag.

Every drivers climbed from their trucks and an entire show of itself ensued…

Bo LeMastus vs Bill Hynes

LeMastus removed his helmet as the two drivers approached each other. Hynes elected to keep his helmet installed and he also put his hands behind his back, a sign that no aggression was planned.

LeMastus then put his hands under the helmet of Hynes, likely encouraging to take his helmet off. With touches made, Hynes elected to bring his hands into it and landed a right hand punch to the side of LeMastus’ face.

“Welcome to the WWE on wheels,” the series announcer stated.

LeMastus then put his hands on his own face and gave it a mocking rub with a bit of a dance as Hynes walked away. He also threw two middle fingers toward his back.

LeMastus continued to encourage the driver to take off his helmet. The two drivers continued to exchange words as Robby Gordon stopped his truck by a TV screen to watch the show.

LeMastus grabbed his steering wheel off the ground. At first, he walked toward his own truck and though about putting the wheel back in his truck. Then, he had an epiphany, stepped back, wheel in hand and tossed it at Hynes.

Hynes picked the wheel off the ground and thought about throwing it back but LeMastus was already running backwards across the track to get away.

Hynes dropped the steering wheel and exchanged it for the racing helmet that LeMastus left on the ground. He picked up the helmet and threw it directly on the asphalt as parts flew off. He then picked it up once more and tossed it toward the earth a second time.

The safety officials arrived on the scene. Hynes walked over to have a chat with them. Meanwhile, LeMastus stole a fire extinguisher from a corner worker. He started walking toward Hynes, extinguisher nozzle in hand. However, as the corner worked came after him, LeMastus dropped the extinguisher and walked back to the garage area.

“Well, if this series had an rules, he’d be in trouble,” the series announcer stated.

Racing driver fight, helmet throw - Stadium Super Truck
Racing driver fight, helmet throw – Stadium Super Truck

Bill Hynes comments

After the incident, Bill Hynes made several comments via social media.

Hynes stated, “It’s very simple. If you are an unsafe driver and almost injure other drivers and also cheat, you get parked. If you get parked. Take your medicine.”

“Read all about the bitch slap heard round mid ohio here.”

“We are trained to do this! Part of the show people.”

He added, “Tomorrow, I’m going to make him say “very thin pancakes”

Matt Brabham drove to the victory in the race. The Stadium Super Trucks will return to the same track on Sunday. It’s the second race of a double-header weekend.

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July 3, 2021

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