NASCAR Next Gen car to be delivered to teams

The new NASCAR chassis has cleared the crash test and will be delivered to teams

In the end of June, NASCAR conducted a crash test at Talladega Superspeedway. The car was driven by a robot with a crash dummy in the cockpit.

Soon after, rumors began to circulate that the crash dummy died. NASCAR soon shot down those rumors.

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Last week, the data from the test was sent to a panel in the biomechanics and safety field. The panel has approved the results.

Now, the new NASCAR racecar is set to be distributed to the teams. That distribution is set to begin at the end of the week.

Technique Chassis, LLC of Concord, North Carolina is the company behind the chassis. Each car will be the same, from team to team and manufacture to manufacture.

The days of spending millions on chassis development are now gone. This will also make it far easier to tech the machines before and after the race.

Next Gen will feature a wide range of new changes from top to bottom. It’s fitted with an independent rear suspension, exhaust on both sides, a rear defuser, carbon bodies and hood ducts.

The front end of the car features a two step splitter. By design, it’s impossible to seal 100% of the front end to the track like the current generation.

All of the above will drastically reduce the costs on the teams. Per Dale Earnhardt Jr, it might even be cheaper to run a Cup Series team over an Xfinity operation.

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